Three troops break through attacking smaller troops

The average fan believes that high players need to get a good basketball pitch. This long conviction is becoming less and less true over the years. Many of today's teams prefer sports, speed, and shooting ability to the altitude. If your team is small, this offer is perfect for you.

These three defense attacks are based on a good distance, filling open spots and intrusion. The point and both wings are the positions occupied by the guards. The wings should be wide on the floor and at the top of the key. Outside the blocks are the two players who are very important for the crime.

Keys for the Three Guard Attack

1. Successful location sharing required for this series . The goal is to keep the center of the floor open for one of the guards with one intrusion. The purpose of the intrusion is to get to the ink for dripping. Once in the paint, good things are usually done. Fliers can shoot, serve a player or an open teammate on the edge that is shot for a shot.

2. Creating Defensive Assistance . The goal of intrusion is to help a defender like your man. If this happens, an open teammate is available for a transfer and shot.

3. Attacks the mind . All five players need an aggressive, pointing mentality in this offense. Intrusion can cause good shooting, intrusion, and kicking opportunities or cause irregularities in the opponent. an attacking guard can play 6-10 free throws attempts per game.

4. Scoring Opportunities. There are many scoring options available on defense. Intrusion controls control more than usual by adding the number of attempted free throws. At the second and third intrusion, defense is likely to degrade. Perimetric skills, such as shooting counterfeits and space, are possible in every district.

Many high school teams are missing in the absence of large posters. These three guard garbage can be the main compensation or reimbursement rate. If the defense is bad or tedious, then this attack really puts pressure on the opponent. Look at this unique oath and put it in an attacking arsenal.