There are six great reasons to love MLB

If you like any normal human pattern, you may find it incredibly boring baseball – it can be similar to observing the growth or dryness of the grass. In fact, it may be perfect for you to get involved when you hit a sofa after a long day and what you really want is a pleasant, relaxing day. Trust me, I understand. From the outside, baseball is a tiring … spade if you want. It's just a bunch of guys who wear tight pants who literally only pick around animals. It may be possible to have a little fun in shorter time, but these are easily suppressed by the continuous, debilitating delays.

To make things worse, we look at a game that does not matter … 162 of them! Who is interested in what is happening? Also, if you're a regular sports fan, I'm likely to hate the Sports Center coming soon to baseball peaks and ruining it at the end of every day.

My friend, I fully understand. But do not worry, I'm here to save the day! After all, this is my job. Here I can say that if you did not really give MLB a chance, PLEASE! I pray, I pray. This is the following:

1. Details

Each game is full of shades. I know you need a lot of energy (oh oh) to look at the details of something. It is much easier to see that daytime light shoots cause a great blow to the other. The ladder provides instant entertainment. However, the former requires a lot more effort, but in vain, paying extra energy will pay high dividends. Why? Think about the things you love most in life. What are you so fond of them? Is this their overall size? Or any small details? For example, take a lover – you know, the one who leads CRAZY. I'm sure every little detail replacing you, not the whole person. Ah, hah! I changed my mind! In order to truly appreciate something, you have to dig the little things, and the little things are about baseball. Fireplaces / bouncing chess games, calling coaches, substitutions, mind games, changes in defense, different techniques, differences in the park … Actually, you could go further. Do me a favor and I really look at a MLB game. Find the details, analyze and interpret, make your own predictions, and … enjoy it! Finally, pay close attention to the intensity of the game. Although the game may seem inadmissible at first, if you really are watching, then you will find that the game is extremely intense. All the tiny things that are going to take place are counted, and there is certainly a goal. The more you look at the baseball and the more you analyze it, the more you will appreciate it! I guarantee you or your money.

2. Series

Unlike virtually any other sport, in the usual season, baseball teams play in the mini-series instead of the usual game – usually three games and sometimes four. Again, this seems boring for the first time, but it actually makes the game more exciting. Since baseball is a game where everyone can win any day, three games give a better idea of ​​who the better team is. It is also amazing that the setting troops will work against each other over and over again.

3. Season Length and Playoff

Initially, a 162 game season may seem exaggerated. But the beauty is that only four teams arrive in the playoffs. This means that the regular season actually deals! In the NBA and the NHL, half the mid-seasons are as many games as the MLB, but eight teams from each team make the playoffs, which means more than half of the teams in the season. As NBA and NHL teams do not play every day, their regular season is almost as long as MLB; the only difference is that the regular season does not mean anything. I like watching basketball and hockey, but I find myself stuck in the fact that a regular season game is worthless. To get injured, the playoff was extremely long and jumped out, which is not even that enjoyable. Baseball, despite having a long season, always seems to be one or two games. Players know this and play it. The safest way to get into MLB games is to win its division, as it has only one substitution card (unlike NBA and NHL where there are five). So there is a lot of fun to watch all the battles on the stretch. When it comes to playback, there is nothing better. It's three rounds, twice as fast as basketball and hockey. So the atmosphere is electric, and the strategy rises astronomically.

4. Smaller leagues and skill levels

Baseball skills are outstanding. Baseball is indeed one of the toughest sports tournaments and the skill level of the big leagues and the college / high school is unpredictable. That's why the smaller leagues! There are several different levels within the smaller leagues. Baseball can be one of the simplest sports for professional launching (because the smaller leagues are professional), but it must be one of the toughest sports to actually get into the big show, simply because the level of talent is out of this world . Honestly, one of the most exciting parts of the baseball fan is the prospect. Nothing is like looking at the prospects, predicting them, then seeing them come up with the big ones and the performance. The best prospects for everyone must prove themselves before turning to MLB and there is no ridiculous deal for anyone until they actually prove it.

5. Trading deadline and 40-person racer

In baseball, the deadline for trading is much more exciting than any other, as the teams are moving now and for the future. Big names are dealt with, the prospects are deadly – it's always interesting to watch. Even better than the trading deadline, what happens right after. After trading time, MLB rosters will change to 40 instead of the usual 25. This allows teams to re-strategize for max. Let's have a look at how well-liked prospects look like in MLB. The rosters are becoming more and more "September speeches" in which the teams bring the prospects for the big show of how they do it. We look at all the raw young people and find out who it is. Also, when the play starts, all the rosters will retire to 25, and the teams can not set up or drop anyone during the post-season, which means the coaches are completely selecting a list for the playoffs. This is interesting because not only teams playing for the playoffs play, but players are competing in the favorite game list. Every year we see that prospects or other players choose the post-section that we have never been waiting for.

6. Dynasties and salary cap

Most people hate baseball for that. Personally, I like it! Baseball is full of traditions, and the dynasties are one of those traditions. Teams with huge markets, such as New York and Boston, have huge wage costs while other teams do not. Of course, this is not "fair" but who is interested? Life is not fair! Teams with huge bankrolls often spend too much on big names and do not pay attention to their growing talent, which is usually their death as we have seen the Yankees in the past decade. As the Yankees eventually added their own talents, he actually won the world series. As for small troops, it is his job to do REAL WAY. Scout players, develop their talents, refine them. Out-coach and out-stratize are the monetary giants. Do it and set it up. We saw the Tampa Bay Rays, one of the smallest bankrolls in the league, yet beat Yankees and Red Sox for the Division. I love rooting in these teams – everyone likes to see the domestic troops to bring the big dogs. In addition, in the absence of payment restrictions, there is less player movement. We see guys staying for years and years on teams, which makes things more exciting than household names wear different uniforms every year.

Honest people, I could even list more, but I think it's enough. The essence of all this: REPAIR BASEBALL EXPERIENCE! Look, analyze it, learn it. Trust me, you will not regret it. Instead, you will find that we do not have time for you and your recognition will never die!