The story of sport is Slam Dunks

There is always anomalousness in a sportlessness, a kind of breed. Football was Pele, Golf Tiger Woods, Bicycle Lance Armstrong, Hockey Wayne Gretsky, Swimming Michael Phelps and Basketball Michael Jordan. These people are not just athletes who are legendary and dignified. Their story shows us that the super stars of humanity are not just born, but are designed and worked to get there.

As a fan, we are amazed by the strength of their characters, their agility and their amazing ability to read the game, psychic as the intuition of intuition. How do they come from, how can a man be so good? Issues like this that feed their legendary status, their mystery and their magnitude are often 10 feet tall, not today's 100-year-old but most important.

These are the stories that capture our imagination and create a sense of holding a special force because we are human. Their commitment, perseverance, and shearing light impress in suspended faith. One of the best stories about these people is a book about Michael Jordan, a book that I also offer you:

"The Inner Part" was edited by Michael Jordan by Mark Vancil; Atria Books, New York, NY; 2000.

The story comes to us from the oddity of a Michael Jordan life, his diary, his family, his childhood, his hopes, his fears, his team and Los Angeles Lakers. Nothing is holy, the book reveals everything, incredible ways and lives.