The role of the substitute basketball coach

"The best executive is the one who is smart enough to take good people to do whatever he wants and be confident enough to prevent them mixing them until they do it." Theodore Roosevelt

The role of assistant coach changes according to a program. However, there are many features that need to be transferred from the program to the program. These are:

1. Loyalty: Your assistant must support your efforts. Over the years, I have seen many Head Coaches losing their job because Assistant Coach has decided not to support Head Coach

. Integrity and Values: They Reflect You.

3rd Character: This is what is when no one is present. The questionable character can not only let the assistant shoot you, but you can also let it go.

4th Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm for Everyday Practice

. Motivated: motivation makes them easier. If you are motivated and motivated, your players will be motivated. Motivation is a habit.

6th Objectives: Training coaches should set goals for their own coaching career. And if these properties are shown, they should help these goals.

Assistant coach is vital to the success of the athletic program. Good assistant coaches are required from sports or school. In vain, both teachers and coaches, good assistants, can be difficult. If you find your good assistant, it is your job to prepare him as best as possible.

To be a good assistant, an individual must strive to have a coach in the school system. the background and the skills, but not satisfied with the situation, can do more harm than good the program. You live better with a man you have a desire but not the experience to help you.

The assistant is willing to work hard, need to know what the head coach wants and will be willing to teach. The assistant is the extension of the head coach. If the assistant does not understand and question the leader's philosophy, the head coach must be prepared to save time to teach the assistant to understand the big picture. However, the assistant can never challenge the coach in practice or during the game. Time for Employee Meetings

Assistant coach needs to look and act professionally. In practice, the assistant should help discipline. If the assistant knows that he has violated the rules of the team, it is his duty to inform the head coach. The assistant must arrange for his players in both the courtroom and the classroom. Because of the nature of the beast, the players will get to the assistant if they have a problem. Players must be free to talk about assistants' problems. However, there is a very fine line that the assistant coach must not pass but the coach and the player are the players.

Assistant coach is long hours, low pay and often low recognition. He is on the head coach to show his loyalty to the assistant coach. Give credit when credit is due. If the assistant has done something to help the game out, know the media. On the same page, if a coach fails, support them.

The head coach should delegate responsibility to the assistant coach. Then make sure your assistant understands your expectations. Explain the responsibility ahead of time, so the assistant has time to prepare for the job you expect.

If an assistant needs to be corrected or criticized, then it should be done with caution. And never do it publicly or in front of your players. Be open with your assistants – we encourage them to get ideas with you. The more you feel the ownership of the program, the more you will do to succeed.

Help them head-coaching work. If they are craving to be a helper and prepared, they do everything they can to help them. Write a testimonial and call in their name. Do not be neutral – if they are not ready, tell them why they are not ready. Rate them to grow!

Some examples of helper coaches Game Day Duties:

a. In front of the game: strategy – you may be asked to type in the game plan and match-up on the board.

b. Check the accuracy of the point score before the game – the worst thing we can do is to start the game with the technique because no one checked the book.

c. During the game: Head Coach-Keep should look at key game information. You may be tracking irregularities, timeouts, or other relevant game information.

d. Take notes for mid-term settings

e. The dry towel must be provided to the Head Coach during the timescale.

f. Helping the Leader by Evaluating the Game Championships

Examples of Assistant Coaching Exercise:

1. With the help of a leading coach with designing

2. Quickly arrives on the floor to make sure the gym is in practice

3. Work with designated player positions

4. Assist the driver with a station assigned to the stations

5. You can serve as a hint between Head Coach and players

6. Run Team B against Varsity in practice

7. Make sure after the gym is exercised

Examples of other assistant trainers:

a. Help the driver to monitor scientific progress. You may be asked to take control of the grade.

b. Replace your opponent as directed – it may break the video or personally see the opponent.

c. Help with the Head Coach Team Team. You may need to keep track of all the articles or photos in the neighborhood newspapers.

d. Call the game in the media if you need it – especially if you're on the road.

e. Make it available for demolishing the feature film on request