The rise of Windows 8 and Microsoft

Microsoft is growing with the advent of Windows 8. This article explains why Windows 8 is launching for the new Microsoft era.

Windows 8

Microsoft has redesigned Windows to create a touch screen interface for tablets, computers, and other touch-screen devices. The interface built up by Windows 8 is easy to use and is compatible with the Windows Phone interface, creating a unified experience on every device. With unified experience, consumers can go from Windows Phone to PC without hesitation or learning curves.

Windows New Era

Microsoft wants to create a unified experience on every device; tablets, phones, PCs and other possible form displays. Windows 8 is built to run not only on computers, but also on the above-mentioned devices. A simpler way to understand this is that Windows Phone 8 will have the same core as Windows 8. The same applies to Windows 8 tablets. Think that Apple's iPhone and iPad are not the same as your Mac. This provides many opportunities for a seamless experience.

One big advantage is that it means more applications for Microsoft and all consumers. Because Windows Phone 8 is based on the same basics as Windows 8, applications built on Windows 8 (which obviously will do and want to do) can be transferred (converted) to Windows Phone 8 very quickly and easily. Windows Phone 8 comes out, ready for applications in a month.

With Microsoft's way of building Windows 8, you can easily sync applications, documents, wallpapers, settings, and possibly music and pictures. Imagine having a version of Windows for a while and setting up everything you want. Now you want to have a bright new Windows 8 tablet or even a Windows 8 laptop [they could even be both in one (see Microsoft Surface tablet)] but imagine that you need to reinstall all your applications and change the settings as you would on your other computer want, etc. Microsoft's way of building Windows 8 no longer has to worry about. Awesome right!

The experience of each device is good? Yes, yes, and yes. For these reasons, Windows 8 changes the game forever, but also because of the way Windows 8 works. Today it is built around the social, internet world. There are ways to share the content of your sites quickly, easily, and in a new way, send emails from the site, and just visit the site in just a few seconds, etc. Imagine the simplicity of a tablet, but the productivity of your computer. It's Windows 8, and frankly, I didn't understand everything I was saying here until I used it myself. As soon as I used it, I immediately saw that Microsoft Windows 8 will and will be.

Microsoft Rise

Microsoft sees the future of tablets, phones and other touch-screen devices. This was essential for Windows 8. Microsoft is not only rising because of Windows 8. The Xbox platform and the Zune experience are increasing. Xbox is built on the same Windows 8 interface as Metro UI. Once again, create a unified experience among all their devices. Will the new Xbox appear next year in Windows 8? We do not know yet, but it is possible, and if we imagine Windows on a video game system, everyone will be excited. Microsoft is already forcing the combined use of Xbox and Windows 8 (see ). Imagine renting a movie (from Zune / Windows 8 movies) on a Windows 8 tablet or PC, but now you are at home and want to watch it on your TV. Well, all you have to do is turn on your Xbox, pause the movie, and click / to copy the movie to Xbox and voilĂ . Amazing is it? Much more than Microsoft on Xbox like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, UFC, NFL, NHL, NBA, Xfinity onDemand, Verizon FIOS On Demand, and other TV and movie related applications . Microsoft says they want to control the TV. This is another way for Microsoft.

Microsoft, with its Zune experience, lets you rent or buy movies from HD on Windows 8 and Xbox. They also offer a robust music offering (I listen to a lot of underground music so I say a lot) and come with a subscription plan. Also redesigning this business area and competing better with iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, MOG and other music download and streaming services ( -57446743-93 / microsoft-appared-xbox-music / ).

This creates a unified experience that does not force you to register with other services, so you can watch movies or music, or download music.


Until the end of the year, Microsoft offers everything I mentioned above; a unified, integrated and seamless experience on your phone, tablet, computer and TV to work seamlessly. No one currently provides this. Microsoft and Windows 8 will be the first to look for the ball from the park.

For consumers, this is a simpler, faster, and better experience with all our tools and more. Now we can enjoy our gadgets to integrate with each other and leave behind the era in which it was not possible.