The right attitude to time management

Appropriate Behavior

The critical things of time management are the commitment of change and the implementation of time management practices. I think we all have time when we want to change, but after a week we've forgotten everything or put it in the too hard basket.

The first thing you need to change your time management is the desire to do it. If you do not want to change it, of course nothing will happen. But if you are doing various things, there will be a variety of things to happen.

Andrew Carnegie is an American craftsman born in Scotland in 1835. From the very humble beginnings it became one of the richest men in the world. [19659002] He believed that everyone had access to education and developed the Carnegie Institute. Carnegie finally spent most of his fortune in creating 2500 libraries worldwide and donating more than 7600 bodies to churches. One of the things that Carnegie was interested in was how different people were successful and who were not. He created a research study that examined how successful they were. The results of the study showed that 7.5% of the success was attributed to the knowledge. 7.5% of the success was attributed to knowledge, so knowledge is used and 85% is the attitude.

This study has revealed obvious things in everyday life. By using sportsmen as an example, Michael Jordan or Roger Federer can be considered as athletes who are both highly trained and well-known but wanting to win them to lift the heights that will allow them to succeed in the chosen sport. 19659002] This also applies to everyday business situations where two people are able to do the same job but are more ambitious and ready to take the steps to succeed. I'm sure you saw it all at work. Some people seem to have all their capability, but they do not apply themselves and someone else can not be so gifted to start, but to maintain their position with patience and hard work.

The essence of the story is to show you the desire for change. Our main limiting factor is ourselves. When Michael Jordan was a high school student, he did not make the team. So he went, practiced, and proved to the coach that he had a proper attitude. He also grew 6 inches, which certainly helped, but he had the desire and devotion to improve.

So if what you're doing does not give you the results you need, then why are you doing it? By changing your changes and enforcing extra-comfortable zones, you will be able to achieve the desired results and changes.

This is so important to be a good timer. In order to see realistic results, you must be able to consistently apply yourself. You have to change your existing habits and build routines you stick to. Unfortunately, all available time management tools are useless if they are not continuously and continuously used.

To be a master of time management, become the master of change for the first time.