The most elegant jerseys

Among the most important sports clubs, jerseys that are worn by players are always the best souvenirs that people collect. All kinds of colored jerseys are not only of great importance that players attach to them but are also very attractive to you. In today's world, people are more concerned with their behavior; Whether you are in the spring or summer, in the yard or in the street while wearing beautiful beads, always attracting eyebrows from other people, always grab all the NBA fans. In the past ten years there were ten different jerseys that were never outdated in the NBA shop or in the NBA fan list.

Air Jordan 23

Undoubtedly, since Michael Jordan's resignation, the 23rd red trousers became the most classic jersey of the championship. Especially from the 1998 finals, the chevalier figure, who wanted a red-colored 23 trousers, definitely captured the history of the NBA to become a timeless classical. It was the field that, while in the NBA Store or in private stores, jersey 23 is almost out of stock, it's even harder to find a red bull.

Philadelphia, Allen Iverson No3 jersey

Rebellious, capricious … Allen Iverson was closely surrounded by these words when he joined the league. Regardless of the NBA veterans hating him, Allen Iverson fans have never changed their recognition of their strong personality.

Therefore, as soon as they raised domestic fields at the Central Assembly, people became the subject of shopping immediately. Especially later, the sale of the white jersey, which has only six years, immediately catches up in the Jordan Box No. 23.