The Mercedes championship

Tiger Cave Stuart Appleby is the gift that keeps giving. The second world title, the second world championship, has selected the competitiveness of the weekend Mercedes-Benz Championship.

In both cases, I did not question the cause – he spent my ailing father last year and cited the absence of this season's preparation because he took R and R on the slopes. And you can rest assured that Appleby is happy with the snow in Colorado: the absence of Tiger this week makes Appleby much easier to win its fourth Mercedes, which is the Aussie Hall of Fame if it is here and there he will continue racing for the next ten years as he did in the last ten (8th career).

Four in a row at Kapalua is not a big, but negligible, but not small, view of the players' caliber in the small area year after year and year after year, especially in the caliber of players who # 39 have won in the past decade : Tiger (twice), Mickelson (twice), Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia and Jim Furyk among them. And since only three players won four in a row.

(Appleby's first two wins at Kapalua, by the Tigers in the field.)

This was a tough call before Tiger came back. I thought you both would have to take them. A moment when the Tiger tells you that other players can give Appleby the story. Jim Furyk would be the most likely candidate. In fact, he is his favorite in 4-1. Then Vijay 8-1, Adam Scott and Appleby 10-1. If a great year has come and playing in the (second) home game, it is not difficult to buy Furyk. It must be closed that it will be close – in addition to the 2001 victory, Furyk made only two of the top 10 out of nine attempts and finished out of the top five of the top nine out of four. So … a better candidate for head-to-head. The problem is because it is compatible with Appleby. It's a tough call that it's probably best to keep away.
All odds from

This week at the Mercedes championships Appleby (10-1), 1/6 units, and Furyk 4-1, 1/6 units.

Another guy I can not ignore, Geoff Ogilvy. Last year T13 was the first Mercedes. For the first time the winners are on the rare side of the competition. Ogilvy looked too good in most of last year, he is so confident, he has to take 12-1, 1/6.