The importance of her role playing in basketball

Believe it or not girls basketball team sports. The team can consist of 12 to 15 players. Within these players five games start and the rest are on the bench. However, the 5's that launch the game are no more important than the others.

Focus and stardom are typically divided into the individual, which results in the most points. But understand that man simply plays a role. Just because it's not the person you always talk about on paper, do not think you're important. There is a need for someone to pass the ball. There is a need for someone to protect the other attacking threat from the other team. There is a need for someone to recover the ball. Do not forget the motivator of the team that pumped up. If a team of a zone is defended, it is necessary for someone to shoot a 3-point shot. Or when a team becomes a man-to-man, you need an effective person who leads you to the basket.

At college I did not lead my team for scoring and did not lead the team in minutes to play in a game. Actually, I was at the bottom of both stats. At the same time, my role was just as important to help the team at a conference tournament and at a venue in the NCAA Women's Basketball Competition.

Understand that a girl's basketball team plays a role. As long as there is an important role for the team's success.