The Importance of Foods in our Life

Food is essential for all of us and we all look for money to get this essential need. 3 meals a day must be taken to allow our body to run to manage our daily functions. Many of us: "We live to eat food", while there are some who "live to eat". In fact, nutrition attaches particular importance to everyone's life.

Food Types

Food is generally classified into two main categories: –

1 – Vegetarian Food – These include milk, fruits and vegetables. These plants and tree materials

2 – Non-vegetarian foods – These include meat and meat products, chicken, turkey, fish, squid, non-vegetarian food, usually by killing animals.

Food Nutrition

Food-based nutrition is needed and without this daily diet of the dietary animal for a long time would not survive. It is important to promote life, as nutrition helps us to perform routine functions of cells in our body. Different nutrition provides a different level of nutrition. Nutrients are classified into six classes, which are given below: – 1 – carbohydrates – they provide energy to the body and are found in objects such as rice, bread and other cereals

2-fats are a group of compounds, which are generally water insoluble. These products can be found in butter, ghee, fish oil, grease, etc. The fats are stored in the human body for later use for energy use.

3 – Minerals – These are necessary to maintain proper functions. such as oxygen delivery in the body, stimulation of growth, normalization of the nervous system, etc. Minerals may come from a variety of foods, such as meat, cereals, including cereal products such as bread, fish, milk and dairy products. [4-5] Proteins – These are important components of muscles, skin and hair. Proteins are useful in creating different enzymes in the body that control various important functions. The most important sources of protein include milk, meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.

5 Vitamins – These are the basic elements of good animal health. This is an organic compound required as a nutrient. A good source of vitamins is fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk and eggs.

6 – Water – This is popularly the elixir of life. The human body contains 55-78% water. It is necessary for the essential functioning of the various important parts of the human body.

Thus, these points reflect the importance of nutrition and nutrients in our diet. While a person is alive, he needs water and food in the required amount

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