The Great Game of Floor Jockey

Anyone who ever participated in a primary school gym may have some memory of the floorball game. This sport allowed both boys and girls the opportunity to play hockey without worrying about how to learn them. Today, it goes far beyond school curriculum, and there are leagues in many cities that are a fun and colorful competitive activity.

There is not much difference between a hockey friend and a friend. Not everyone has the chance or the interest to learn to stomach. Many children live in a warm climate where the ice is scarce. They are the closest to hockey for NHL games on television. Thanks to ice hockey, the floor goes through the gameplay without skating.

When playing as part of a physical education class, the only used equipment is usually a stick and a ball or rubber disc. This is because there are understandable and strictly enforced rules that are not in contact with each other. However, if this is the floor duel championship, these rules will change, and since more security equipment is required.

The helmet is absolutely compulsory for any child who is interested in this sport. They find it exaggerated, as they only play on the floor, but serious injuries can occur when a child's body is copied. If the championship adheres to every level with the hockey player wearing his helmet, then this is not the question the child is raising.

Knee and elbow cushion is a good idea. Just like rollerblading or traditional skating, kids can fall prey easily if they lose their feet. This is true in sports, including football and hockey. High quality safety cushions under childrenswear can really reduce the number of bumps and bumps.

You can not play without a stick. Some kids who are already playing on the ice will have a tendency to play their bats. There are actually bots that are only played in the game in this environment. It's a good idea if you buy a stick that's right for your baby now. Some parents think that you can save a few dollars if you buy a little bigger stick that your son or daughter will grow. This is not a good idea as it can be a security problem for both the child when he is playing the stick between the floor pad and the other players. If it's too big to handle it easily, this is not the right stick for those.