The best of warriors in 11 years

There's a new feeling in Oakland, a crazy fanatic town at the NBA.

Warriors have been victorious since last February, when they won 18 victories last season in 28 seasons. If they continue the strong game behind their 12-6 season, Baron Davis and his new teammates can only celebrate something in April.

Even after three of their last four games, the Warriors five The best match from the weekend is the best in 22 games since 1991. Briefly, the Pacific Ocean has been the first place since 1992.

Warriors did not have any team, Coach Mike Montgomery, who turned down the declining warriors into teams they wanted to see in action. The team produced great moments in every game where they did not have a look and made it difficult to make difficult situations, while Richardson's doubled dunk driver would increase his skill.

Sometimes it does not work: Although Warriors set off 15 goals in overtime after 37 attempts at Houston, they could not defend the 11-point score in the last 4 minutes.

This transformation obviously does not happen at night – but in Oakland, patience is part of the game.