The basics of basketball attack

When preparing a basketball offense, it is crucial that we first understand the principles of the offense. The above-mentioned 11 principles are about promoting a basketball offense that our players can pass on.

first You always move for a takeover. An attacking player must keep the defense, watching the ball and the players by cutting and counterfeiting

. Fast, fast handing keeps the defense in balance. Dribbling defends defense quite quickly. It is important that the attacking players are in a good, balanced position when the pass is received so that many moves can be made. Each step is important for each player to develop. These steps, together with teammates' movements, are seen as an effective team offense.

4. If an attacking player leads to the basket to settle, all other offensive players must rule out the area.

5. The floor balance is based on the winning basketball. Each player must be aware of when to enter or close a game position.

6. Give and Go is the simplest attacking pattern. All attack models are simple or complex.

7. A player using a ball must always follow a trailer to make a safety move if it blocks progress. Also, if the ball is intercepted, the trailer is ready for defense.

8. Never force a pass or shot when more defensive players meet the ball. Turn it over and pass on the ball.

9. Move the ball to the top when moving the ball from one side of the court to the other.

10. During the shot, all attacking players must take offensive bouncing positions and be ready to put the rebound on another shot.

11. The screens or arrays create a situation created by two attacking players against a defending player. These learning are indispensable.

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