The Air Jordan Legacy – part 5 5

With the release of the Air Jordan XXII edition, Nike and Jordan brand continued to lead the shoe technology and design boundaries. AJXXII appeared on the 44th birthday of Michael on February 17, 2007, at the beginning of 1985. The AJ22 is at the forefront of all areas; innovative design, tremendous performance and world comfort.

The industrial models inspired by the P-51 Mustang inspire the yard, and XXII is one of the world's most advanced combat aircrafts, the F-22 Raptor. Not surprisingly, this stealth drum was chosen to represent the 22nd shoes with incredible speed and extreme maneuverability (name of F-22); which allowed Airness to dominate the game for many years at both ends of the court. The AJ XXII features a number of features for the famous fighter aircraft, which separates the 22 from aesthetic and technical design: sewing of zigzagging helps to hide this basketball from the enemy radar, the rear 3M reflective material ignites the field, the ventilation openings are not they only provide stability but also release and connect heat generation.

XXII has a number of critical features that ensure the athlete's best fit and protection. From the point of view of protection, the new diamond-shaped, extended corner guard provides support that we have never seen before minimizing the risk of a damned ankle in the process.

Regarding the stability of the regions, the patented wingboard is made of titanium (Ti counts with an atomic nucleus) so it is not only stronger but also lighter. For comfort, IPS returns with a new function; visible. This time IPS color code is provided so the athlete can choose the padding for each drum; choose a sensitive, double-stacked Zoom Air pad or a shock absorbing air capsule. The translucent, bald-skinned sole is better than ever before, allowing the player to stop and stop without interruption, knowing that the 22's have the top of the line's camshaft. Both the fashion and the function are available with a variable speed loop system, which is equally suited to titanium lace loops and durable titanium tweezers.

We're showing you mixed feelings, which is the safest thing in the Numbered Jordan series (Michael # 23 has something to do with it). Gentry Humphrey, leader of Footwear Marketing and other senior individuals, will be XXIII as the ultimate model of the Air Jordan series. While the 20s were introduced in the atmosphere of celebration, the AJ 23s were released in the expectation, expectation and almost hesitating circumstances (which would in fact be the latest model of numbered AJs). AJ XXIII says that he has no pair like Michael at the top of the game and in the third year the Jordan brand uses the cushioning of the Independent Pod System (IPS) to keep it ahead of the competition. Cosmetically, this shoe is as special as anything else in the collection, especially in the mix of different styles, shapes and patterns that were seen during the lifetime of Air Jordan. With a toe cap, we see a nice touch with Michael Jordan. For a change to serving, you can see a striped pattern that gives the power of the shoe and the mood. What remains constant is the stapler known as the carbon fiber sheet and which lies along the bottom of the sole. All the signs of the 23 and the final model: a shiny, shiny panel covering the front center surface and covering the shoe through its entity, and first with two different languages, with Jumpman on the right shoe and one on the right. 23 & # 39; on the left.