The Air Jordan Legacy – part 4 5

Though stumbling on the side of the 17's was a stunning shoe and the Air Jordan XVIII hoped to push the design and performance envelope as much as he could. AJ XVIII is the last Jordan to be worn by Royal Airness itself and sends MJ in style. The Lamborghini Murcielago is inspired by a slim, elegant body shape that evokes an exotic, modern sports car. The side wings and the hood / lace cover really feel like you have a powerful European racing car in the garage or in this case in the closet; the top quality leather and velor tops feature sophisticated Jumpman decorations to create an intriguing Italian design. The technology of the 18's is innovative and advanced even on the protector (the MJ) side and a touch bulky.

The combination of dual-cumulative Zoom Air combines with the unique Jordan Carbon Comfort Control Plate, including high sensitivity, cushioning, comfort, towing and ankle support. Of course, the last shoe he wore as a professional player is not perfect, though he offers something special; the opportunity to experience the guardian-like feeling, yet providing great protection to the great forward.

The 18s were not perfect, but they were not as well-liked or as equal to the Air Jordan XIXs. AJ XIX defines the term "love or hate" in Jordan. It really stretches the boundaries of design and taste, so if you become experimental and unusual in appearance. What makes a unique aroma is the Tech-Flex material that covers the top of the foot with the patented skin toe. Now for the undeniable mid-section of the shoe, the Tech-Flex hood: it's dynamic and stretches back like a breath, not just supporting it, but also catches the eye wherever you want it or not. Support and comfort, the tech-flex material surrounds the foot while retaining its feet, then secures the heel from the back with the Velcro, which also enhances the ankle support; the usual suspects are on board as in the carbon fiber segment, double-slit Zoom Air Corner and full-length ZA If you do not mind a slight inconsistency and find the 19s pleasant, aesthetically, you should try them out. Though not long enough to obscure the corsets, as the plan as they slide, they will be forced to provide instant and excellent comfort, clean lines and more like "hoody" to stay satisfied.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Air Jordan, AJ XX is designed to reflect the twenty-twenty years of Michael Jordan's basketball and footwear memorabilia while seeking new technological and design innovations. From all accounts, the 20s indicated that the mission was accomplished and met the high expectations of a shoe for such a great occasion. The pearl-reflective material reflects glitter and light at the top as MJ is at its glorious tops, while the red strap looks like a shoe over Michael, which is easily floating over the rim. The pioneering laser graphics, which today become one of the most important designs of Jordans, celebrate the legacy of MJ and AJ in a nostalgic and artistic way as before. The AJ20s include a collection of graphics that tells more stories than the retrospective television review of basketball and culture in the mid-80s, 90s, and the early millennium; just remember to try to decipher the meaning behind the forms, patterns, and symbols to be aware of the secret to keeping your money unstoppable. The latest technical development, the IPS (Independent Pod System) cushion system, pushes the right time along the technical boundary, while a mixture of materials such as suede, nubuck, cobec and leather.

Air Jordan XXI not only bought innovative new shoes, but also an innovative new shoe designer. The AJXXI was designed by Wayne Edwards and this simple, yet elegant and classic design comes directly from the Bentley Continental GT coupe (this shoe is expected to look like Bentley grilling) after exotic inspiration for sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Although Michael has long since retired from the parallel of Bentley (the spirit of the machine) and the sun / dna Champion, he resembles Michael's way, while playing at the highest level, a smooth, elegant classic car. As for the composition of the AJ 21, the quality first sign is the luxurious Italian suede and the top full-skinned leather. In order to match style and performance, the 21st century drives the financial path for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Newly manufactured tissues provide not only breathability, but also durability and support in critical performance regions; The breathable mesh allows the tongue to release heat while the elastic tongue moves upward to showcase the new function or brace for a more subtle appearance. The integrated outsole with IPS technology enables elevated fishbone sleeves to provide multi-directional traction for outstanding performance areas / issues.

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