The Air Jordan Legacy – Part 3 5

As in the 13's, the Air Jordan XIV arrived for a bit frozen reception, but finally their last laugh. What do Michael Jordan and the Ferrari 550 Maranello think together? Well, both are beautiful, elegant, lightning fast, fast, sensitive, powerful machines. Basically Flawless & # 39; in an online magazine it was one of the balls, just like all that. It is designed with a minimalist cushion and a smaller design, with the AJXIV's extension of the foot including a low profile Zoom Air holder that provides a comfortable, yet non-parallel ride. On the way, the XIVs have launched some trends, such as metallic lace tips with jumpman engraving and editing in a wide range of bold, experimental dyes such as "oxidized green". Perhaps because people were not in touch with the new style and Michael recently retired, the 14s did not sell well in the beginning as the buyers had adjusted the value of their sales. Today, the AJ XIVs, unlike the 13s, are almost universal in their respect for their appearance and performance; the high prices of deadstock couples on eBay reminiscent of the 14th legacy.

Now that you think 13 and 14 are controversial shoes waiting for you to look at Air Jordan XV. The revolutionary NASA X-15 secret super-fusion inspired by this is one of the most controversial love or recently the Air Jordan collection's shoe. This shoe offers a minimalistic / slim design that is offset by an intruding AJ sign language (inspired by the fighter itself) and color blinks (as opposed to more traditional color boards). The XV. Another innovative feature is the protruding tongue and the sonic jet, the Pebax supporting heelpad. This shoe broke new ground as the first, two different flavors; the usual lowtop and the & # 39; Moc & # 39; the "shoehorn" is a consistent version of the tongue and the intertwined upper.

The AJ15 is a good talk starter and some design features will stand the test of time.

Looking for a new creative challenge, after some experimental, yet controversial release, Tinker Hatfield left for AJs for a while to design. The most interesting new development of AJXVI, which combined the shoes that made this shoe special, was a development Wilson Smith designed, not Tinker Hatfield; Smith worked with Hatfield six years earlier in designing the 16's, and as Hatfield, he also began his career as an architect (he is now planning to "home the legs"). The influence of Wilson Smith on the shoe is felt in the following ways: detachable magnetic and velcro brake shoe, a mixture of quality materials on the upper part, including leather, mesh, suede and patent leather, blown air pockets on the heel, a transparent rubber base and detailed Jordan / Jumpman brand shoes. What is really striking on shoes, patented leather and of course the AJ16 labeling rod, that is, the cloak; it means that MJ would make the businessman smoothly move from court to remove the protective cover and reveal the mesh, spice and attitude of a real ball game. Another trademark of XVI is the exterior design of the transparent / digital motif, combined with the sleeveless fit of the vest attached to the waistcoat (the 16 was also so low that it allowed the collar to be pulled up for another boost).

While the 16s were pioneers in shoe training / fashion due to the interchangeable gauge, the AJXVIIs also emerged as the high-performance price tag was launched by the AJs into the good realm of luxury. Air Jordan XVII on the most memorable Michael's final return to the Washington wizards and the hum of the NBA. It remembers the point of the shoe as a modern, sophisticated shoe that has a climax of the technological response, not to mention the $ 200 price tag that changed from shoe to luxury to a brand new fashion card. Mindful of the media hype, which Michael Michael's final and short-lived returns to the league and the lofty stickers cost in the 18's, this is really an architecturally and artistically impressive creation. The AJ XVII bar is not designed for an elegant, yet powerful car, it is certainly a lean, average machine that simply and clearly shows all the working parts that contribute to overall efficiency. The air-blown air in the corner offers comfort and a rich upper skin category and, like any impressive mechanical design. Touch the function of lace gears and appearance. After trying the individual, he will discover that the 17 are offering a serious transaction and one of the best-performing Jordans. Not only do they look good, but also in court. Js's work or play was playing.