The 6 keys to success are all basketball players

I often asked this question: what is the key to the big basketball player?

I'll give you a two-word answer: hard work.

Everyone jokes, though hard work is a key component of basketball (or any other life-style). But a more detailed, useful answer is really okay.

The success of basketball players was ranked in 6 major categories:

1. Basketball Skill

2. Physical ability

3. Trust

4. Aggressiveness

5. Thinking Big

6. Get the Moment

Let's get detailed about each item.

Basketball skill You must first be able to play the game. From shooting to dribbling, passage, rebound, and defense, you must know the game and be a good player. This is understandable, the basis on which every successful basketball career is built.

Physical Ability Apart from players, great players are usually exceptional athletes. This does not mean that the team must be the fastest, strongest, highest jumping player. But that means they are very mobile, very mobile, good-to-hand coordination and good stamina (among others). Thanks to good athletes, basketball skills flourish and grow.

Trust Basketball skills and physical skills are only reachable so far. If you take the game to the next level, you need great confidence, because you have to go to the ground and dominate each game. Look at great players (Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe, etc.) … these guys think one thing when they play: they are the best players on the ground and they will rule the opponent.

Aggressiveness In addition to believing yourself, you must be extremely aggressive every time you play. You may be a nice, quiet man in court, but if you wear uniforms and enter a game, be wild and determined, passionate and competitive.

Thinking Big I train a lot of players who doubt themselves and what they know about the floor. Get rid of this idea. Do not be happy with what you did last season, last month or yesterday. Set yourself high goals and think great … and you'll be amazed at how you can achieve more than before, just as you play better than in the past (in the picture and waiting).

For example: if you scored 10 or 12 points a game last season, design this game with at least 2 or 3 baskets. If you've got 4 or 5 rebounds, plan 6 or 7. Now, do not forget to get more points, you do not have to mean playing better than before, but you get the idea. The point is, you expect more from yourself, you set higher goals for yourself, and definitely decide in your mind the conviction that you play better than in the past. Believe me and that will happen.

At Moment Many players overlooked the game. Whatever the free throwing line, if you leave a bad game component and negatively affect the next game, or if you do not take the ball into the basket because of fear, you can not afford these types of negative thoughts or excessive thinking to prevent the best game.

Most importantly, be at the moment the process of action and let your physical abilities and all common practice take over. Do not worry, do not worry, just play. These are the 6 most important areas of basketball. Think of each one and really figure out a way for everyone to be better. What can you do tomorrow or next week, which will help improve these areas?

Come up with some answers … then go out and do it.