The 5 best NBA centers

If you look at the past 20 years NBA champion, except for Michael Jordan Bulls, you'll find that almost every title winner has an elite center in the team. The situation is an integral part of the team's success, especially one who is looking for a title.

Then I thought it would be interesting to look at the five best NBA centers. It's not about career opportunities but the players who have the most valuable influence on their teams.

Anyway, let's go shopping. Al Horford. This may not be normal, but all you have to do is look at Hawks' record this season. Also, look at the team record as they made Horford. What was just a few short years ago a terribly unsuccessful franchise, today is one of the strongest team in the Eastern Conference. What's the difference, do you ask? Horford, one of the best defensive players in the game.

4th Chris Bosh. A talented player with lots of elements to play, Bosh can easily score and is one of the most dangerous attacking weapons of the game because of his speed. Only at the age of 25 he needs to improve further.

3rd Tim Duncan. Your career may be in twilight, but Duncan is still extremely effective at the center. It's hard to imagine what will happen without Spurs, but I think it will be pretty bad. The four titles won with this team make him the most valuable career center in the current generation.

2nd Pau Gasol. The Spanish center's truly versatile, smooth style improves everyone around you. Proof of how valuable it is to look at what his presence has made last year's Lakers champion. A team that won the first or second round of the Playoffs immediately won a championship after winning Gasol

. Dwight Howard. In the NBA, no player is stronger than Dwight Howard. He can not just sweat under the table and block the shot as no one, but Howard brought Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals last season. Even Cavs and LeBron could not stop what would be true to their dominance.