The 3 most important skills to be a great eternity

The constraint is easily the most ignored basketball skill. I never heard the crowds when a ruler's rebound shakes the 12th forum of the game. Do not let the crowd bother you! Basketball is critical. Here's the 3 skills that will bring you a better rebound.

# 1) Forecast – Dennis Rodman, AKA "The Worm" has had a long and successful career in the NBA, as it is extremely good in advance. For those who remembered it, there was no overly threatening threat. But he played an average double-digit rebound in the game during his entire career. He had a great ability to predict when to shoot. He had a great vision of the bullet coming from the flange. By doing so, he has come to the best position to secure the rebound. Exercising anticipation requires a conscience effort to think. Next time you compete to try the unfavorable rebounds, predicting that the teams are ready to shoot and then continue the basketball. On the defensive side it is important to throw your own man. After pulling the basketball off aggressively. You can become more resourceful if you learn to wait.

# 2) Taking advantage of it – Charles Barkley was far from the highest performance when playing in the NBA. He is the basketball Hall of Fame, and is known as one of the best boosters to ever play the game. Leaked between the opponent and the basket. The lower man wins in basketball, and this is especially true of the rebound. It is important that your center of gravity is lower than your opponents to get out of the key. In order to improve this practical practice, the wall is 90 degrees with your foot and the back to the wall. This will help build muscle memory and get you into a faster position.

# 3) Truthfulness – One of my coach once told me that if your opponent physically owns the first 3 of the game, they probably lose intensity. That's proven, and I've made it my career. If you push your opponent back to the top 3 of the game, most players will stop the board and try to attack the attacker. 100% of the time does not happen, but in my experience, 90% of the players do not like the pen and avoid contact. This can make your life easier during the game and emerging statistics may rise.

These are 3 quick tips to help you get a better rebound. Rebounding gives the team an extra opportunity to score. Fans usually do not enjoy pulling down the table, but your coach and teammates will appreciate you.