Take care of gas this summer – "Staycation" in Boston!

Gas has become more expensive over the past year. I'm sure we all remember, six months ago, for our dread to get $ 4 a gallon gas. As prices today stand, the average is currently $ 4.00 on the east coast, and there is no end to sight. For those who love summer vacations with our friends, family and loved ones, this is a depressing thought. It not only affects the price of our gas boilers but also the price of airfares, cruises and all other modes of transport to get us out of town on our vacation.

However, there is no need to worry. Here in Boston we are living in a world-class city, and our trips to all over the country and around the globe really took that fact. Mayor, Menino felt our pain and created a campaign called "Visit the Pin" and selected 10 attractions around the city, where he placed huge, 12 feet long red "pressure pins". The taps were created to capture our attention and warn us of all the wonderful sights Boston offers. Although the places he chooses are great, they are very touristy, and if they have lived here for a while they probably have lived for a long time – maybe more than once.

I've created some lists in great, honest places in Boston to visit it for the first time or visit it again! I have organized them for 10 "can-i-miss" "days". This list is full of ideas. You can find that each "day trip" contains more than one day, so you may have to choose the most attractive attraction. Be sure to visit the web site for each suggestion. I tried to choose cost-effective suggestions so the week did not break the bank. All you have to do is make your T (and not a gasoline ounce) a wonderful "Staycation" week in Boston

1. Day 1: Fine Art and Culture

If you live here, you probably have been spending time at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Symphony Hall, but there are many other ways to discover Boston's arts and cultures. Stand in two or three of these less known locations for a very rich day! I would suggest two art museums in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the evenings in the evening. You can even go to the waterfront to have lunch in the Channel Cafe (food and drink / art gallery). Be sure to click on the following and watch the various websites, special demos and show information for hours.

* Take an Artist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

* Visit the New Contemporary Art Institute now Waterfront

* Ticket tickets to a recently restored Boston Opera or visit

* Visit Emerson College Cutler Majestic Theater …

* or Harvard American Repertory

* or the Huntington Theater of Boston University

* or the exciting Boston Art Center

* Some Shakespeare's Shakespeare-

* Catch some wonderful music at the Berkelee Berfordance Center

* Support the music of the 20th Century on the Boston Modern Orchestra project

2. 2nd Day Tour: Sports Assessment

Boston appears to be at the heart of the sports academy – Red Sox has moved to the first place in the All-Star break after winning two World Championships in the past 4 years. The Patriots won the Super Bowl this year after winning the Champions in the #, 01, 03, and 04. This year, Celtics has dramatically won the NBA Finals. Even the Bruins and the Revolution were great in the playoffs. When we think of what to see in Boston, sport recognition is at the top of the list! If you are looking at a great sports game, you can not be out of the price range, countless ways to evaluate sports in this city. Take a look at some of the following:

* Visit the historic Fenway Park and watch the famous Citgo Sign

* Run the Boston Marathon (or at least Heartbreak Hill!)


* Visit the Hortington Avenue Grounds Red Sox at home

* Stop at the historic Boston Braves Field (Now BU Nickerson Field)

* Grab a Horse Racing in Suffolk Downs

* Visit the Harvard Stadium

* Check out the Boston Lobsters Tennis Match [19659002] Visit the Current Science Museum Exhibit : "Baseball as America" ​​

I would recommend lunch / dinner at Sports Depot, Game On, Fours or Boston Beer Works for the whole Boston sport life! . Day 3: The City of Learning

Above all, when people think of Boston, they think that the city's rich academic culture is the embodiment. Boston has more colleges per square kilometer than any other city in the world. Of course, we are a city that is full of learning opportunities. Why not spend some time evaluating these opportunities? Here are some wonderful ways to spend the day in Boston.

* Visit the Historic and Beautiful Boston Public Library

* Stop at Boston Anthenaeum

* Free Walking at Harvard University or MIT

* Spend an afternoon in Boston or Cambridge

* Take an hour at Boston Center for Adult Education

* Learn more about making beer! Visit the Mary Baker Eddy Library and the famous Mappariamba

After intensive learning, you need to kick right away – at the Thirsty Scholar Pub for dinner and dinner for a drink and break your mind!

4th 4th Day Trip: History

It is easy to argue that there is really no city in the United States that is historically significant as Boston. The city is well borne by this identity while still facing the future, joining centuries-old beautiful buildings with modern high skyscrapers. If you are working in the downtown, unless you are slow to read the daily signs (and who is doing it here?), Then you may not notice the importance of the buildings around you. I'm sure if you grew up here, you either went to Freedom Trail once or twice, but there may be more dim historic landmarks you've never noticed before. Take a day to walk a little slower, visit these interesting landmarks and find a moment! As long as you're here, stop at Boston's oldest restaurant at Union Oyster House for dinner.

* Familiarize yourself with the life of a well-functioning family in historic Boston at the Gibson House Museum

* Visit the historic center of New England at the Otis House Museum

* Respect for ancestors and ancestors at the Gombás Cemetery and the King

* Visit the Museum of African American History and take over the Black Heritage Trail [19659002] * Speak to a Walk on the Boston Native Heritage Track

* Visit Historically and Architecturally Important Trinity Church

5th 5th Day Excursion: Island Hopping

If you look something like me, you've never fully exploited the fact that you are in a wonderful national park along Boston's shore. The park consists of 34 small islands (11 of which are open to the public), only a few minutes by boat. The islands are varied as much as they can all do, so use this list as a guide to get started. The National Park Service recommends that you do not take more on two islands to visit a day, so look up and choose one or two that looks interesting to you. Concession stands are available at Georges and Spectacle Islands, but why not take picnic lunches to visit the islands? This is a perfect excuse for a picnic

* Camp Day at Grape, Bumpkin or Lovells Island – Permits Needed

* Visit Lovells Island for the days of dunes and forests, picnic areas, unattended swimming beach

* Visit the popular island of Georges Island, the transport hub of the island system, its open areas, sidewalks and pebble beaches – and visit Fort Standish's remains

* Visit and discover the Caribbean Islands and discover the fascinating history [

* Check out Little Lighttest, Boston Light home, the country's oldest ever-running lighthouse

* Experience a wide range of natural beauties and see the world's historic Fort Andrews on Peddocks Island

* Visit Spectacle Island where a a harbor, a visitor center, a cafe, a guarded beach and a fifty mile trail leading to the tip of a 157-foot mountain overlooking the harbor and the city

* Hike and enjoy nature on Thompson Island, which is particularly good choice, if you have a large group (like a company or a school)

* picnic, trails in the Webb Memorial State Park

* Enjoy the Hingham Bay, rocky beaches, bogs, rocks, salt marshes and the freshwater swamp area at Worlds End Reservation

. 6. Daily Trip: Beach Bum

If the only great vacation you can imagine is at least one day on the beach, there are plenty of great opportunities here! You can assume that you have to drive to Cape Beach or the North Coast to those who like seaside experiences, and if so, you are pleasantly surprised by the following recommendations. There are a number of great opportunities to get to the metro or bus easily in the city or very close. In my opinion, one day at beach you need sea food, so I suggest you stop at Castle Island or Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere. I also suggested some options that are outside the city but are easily accessible from the train station if you really want to get out of town during the day.

* Take the Blue Line to America's first public beach, Revere Beach

* Take the Red Line to JFK and visit Carson Beach, L & M Street Beaches, Pleasure Bay and Castle Island, 19659002] * Take the Commuter Rail in the north to Ipswich Station and discover the Ipswich-Essex Explorer Shuttle to Crane Beach

* Take the Gateway Railroad to Manchester-by-the-Sea, and take a short walk to Singing Beach [19659002] * Take the Amtrak Downeaster to Old Orchard Beach in Maine

7. 7th Day Trip: Recognizing Unusual Things

If you are a person who enjoys exploring the unique and unusual aspects of vacation, there are plenty of opportunities to evaluate odd things – here in Boston! As you discover some of the unusual spots in Boston, a couple of favorite, but of course, unique, Boston-based Restaurant, which is time to break time, Fire & Ice Improvisational Grill would be a fun, interactive experience and a hive.

* Visit the America's oldest car collection at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum

* Experience history from the unusual perspective of the New England Ghost Tour

* Experience Boston's most interactive entertainment at Tomb by 5Witz

which are too bad to ignore! Visit the Bad Art Museum

* Discover Inventions, Ideas and Innovation (including Holograms) In the MIT Museum

* Visit the Harvard Bridge and count how many Smoots it is!

* Visit the spots where your favorite movie was shot on one of the Boston Movie Tours

* Discover the secrets of Boston in a Urban Interactive visualization

* Know what's so special about the Scarlett O & Hara House

8. Day 8: Nature

If you're stuck in Boston, but you prefer a quiet, natural holiday, there are plenty of options for you even within the city limits! There are many options in the city that will allow you to save time around nature. I suggest you map some of the following recommendations. If you want a completely natural day, take a break and visit the Grezzo Restaurant for lunch, the Boston's 100% organic, raw restaurant.

* Take a Walk on Swan Boats in Boston Public Garden

at the Franklin Park Zoo with the Animals in the Heart of Franklin Park

* Visit the Arnold Arboretum, the oldest public arboretum in North America and one of the world's leading

* Spend some time at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (especially when the thematic day of "nature" turns out to be rainy!)

* Go for a peaceful and quiet run on the Fens Nature Trails

* Visit Boston Nature Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

* Locate the state park around Boston from everything from hiking to mountain biking

* See "Day Trip # 5" (above) for Boston Harbor Islands information! 19659002] 9. 9th Day Trip: On Water

We are very lucky to be here in Boston Water. As mentioned above, there are many opportunities to enjoy the wonderful seaside days and the Boston Harbor Islands on the beach. However, there is a huge advantage that so much water is nearby, the opportunity to get out there during the day. Regardless of whether you are a sailor or have never entered a boat, you have the opportunity. Read this list and choose an adventure or two just for you! At night or day, if you are hungry, Tia stop at the waterfront for a bite, a drink and a chance to enjoy the view of the water.

* Contact Community Boating, Inc. to find out how to learn how to sail – Use the day of your vacation to go to Charles River

* Relatively cheap opportunity to spend time in a boat on the water an Inner Harbor Ferry or Commuter Boat or Rowes Wharf Water Taxi [19659002] * Take a sunset or sightseeing tour through the Charles Riverboat Company

* Take a Boston Light Tourot and enjoy the oldest lighthouse first hand in the United States

* Join a sail aboard the 125 "Schooner Liberty Clipper

* If you can not wear it to really get out in the water, you can enjoy the WBZ Free Friday Movement in the Hatch Shell – enjoy the Charles wind safely to land , and watch a movie under the stars! [19659002] 10. 10th Day Excursion: Festivals

In Boston, NY r always reminds all from hand and ceremony surrounding the city. Each summer every weekend there is at least one festival somewhere in town that serves as a pretext for Boston's enjoyment and cultural diversity. One day at one of these festivals, it would be worthwhile to incorporate into the seven staycation schedules. You do not have to recommend a restaurant for you, as a great festival is a symbol of the wonderful food it serves.

* Choose a weekend this summer and stop the north end of the North-End of Saints Festivals

* Stop the steering center on August 2 at 4:00 to 8:00 at the Peace Hip Hop Festival [19659002] * Spend on August 17th at Chinatown to the August Moon Festival

* Dorchester on August 23rd to the Caribbean Carnival Festival and Festival

* Add and paste your ink on September 12-14, Boston Tatoo Convention

* Sit on 12-18 September at the Boston Film Festival

I hope you will enjoy all of my suggestions and encourage you to re-discover our big city during high gas prices! These are also great recommendations for you to visit Boston. If you are stuck in another city and these suggestions will be happy for you, find similar ideas near your home. I bet you will be surprised what you find.

Please answer and let me know what you like to do when you spend time in Boston – I'm really interested in listening!