Take a Bow Stephon Marbury – Boo Michael Jordan

When I watched John Stossell's show on the comparison of the Michael Jordan Air Jordan shoemaker and Stephen Marbury's Starbury line, I quickly realized that greed was more and more the rule in America than the exception. Shoe experts broke up between the two shoes and found that there was no significant difference – just the price. To make Marbury sell his shoes for $ 15, while Jordan sells for $ 175-200 per pair, it only shows that marketing intelligence is a big deal and that some people never have a sense of public drain.

The show was primarily choked because both sons are great fans of Jordan shoes and enthusiastic collectors. Both of my boys are working and buying most of the parties, but frankly I can say that I'd rather see them lure money into other things. But you try to convince them. Personally, I like shoes and I think they are very beautiful in their designs; $ 150 and better a couple when they are likely to sell a fraction of the cost! How much money do the beneficiaries seek? And when they think of the poor children of the ghetto who force their parents to take a couple, they see all this injustice.

In addition, this theme further divides social classes by highlighting the differences between "haves" and "not-nots". For children in suburban America whose father is looking for six and seven years of income, a twenty-five-thirty-year-old annual apparel budget, including a significant amount of Air Jordan shoes, is not a slim fit. But the child whose parents live thirty thousand dollars a year, buying such shoes can be a breakthrough.

I do not want to hear it now: "Well, it's happened in history, and if poor people want more, they have to work harder or have to make their wishes come true." You and I both know that the situation is more complicated. The essence of this article is that life is a challenge, especially in the new millennium. Raising children today (see some of my articles on these topics) will be one of the hardest things a new parent will do (not that raising children was easy). But considering paradigm shift in economics, social habits, respect for teenagers and similarities, marketers such as Air Jordan's shoes will certainly not make things easier. (And on the go, these marketers know exactly what they are doing.) If you do not think so, then you really have to think again.)

Since Marbury came from a background where he did not always know the shoes with whom he wanted big sympathy and understanding shows in shoe making. In fact, he stands for a handsome profit that he needs to get this line up. Great service for both kids and parents alike, especially for those who do not swim in Benjamin-imprinted C notes. Now we can live together. That's why I say, an archer Stephon Marbury and Michael Jordan prison.

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