Struggle – How can you get your team up to and including time?

Our high school has recently hired a young college basketball coach. This position was bought by many coaches in the area and was once given to a man who offered to build a program and said that boys are always playing hard. When I first heard this statement, I took a par value and thought of myself as a good statement because we are in a small school district and the best way to increase our winning percentage, the same group of kids and boost intensity. I did not know what tactics he would use to try harder to play, he said yes, and he saw this ability very confident.

I thought my teams played hard. Mostly, we used loose balls when the opportunity was entered into the game and beat the game only a few times per game if it did not come back to the defense. I was wondering how the new coach would use its definition to play hard on his staff because I was not sure what I would do to go to one or two degrees. In the back of my head I picked up, you will see my kids play and tell me they've been playing hard already. I was wrong.

Our new college coach allowed kids to know when he entered the gym that no game was acceptable to the overall game. He told them that if they can not play at full speed, they have to go home and have to step in and try again. He began to point out concrete cases where players did not hurry up and down the floor where they lacked defense assistance missions where they did not come back in time to prevent a simple temporary layup, every time a player does not charge a fee, he constantly prayed for players to play at full speed. His remarks were persistent and sometimes explained by his frustration with the children, which began to shout and shout for some.

A funny thing started as the month of June continued and our planned summer breaks ended, the kids started to get it. They began to notice that they will not accept half the effort, they realized they would call them every time he saw that he did not give up the effort sought and changed the team's composition.

I learned to learn next season after I spent the new coach for 5 weeks not to accept 100% less. I learned again what I've known for years that the trainer will formulate the team's expectations and if he insists on it and his players will believe in him, they will follow him. That is why they are like Rick Pitino and Bob Huggins, year after year, successful, demanding, and constantly pushing their teams to play in this style. We are looking forward to a whole new effort this year from my people. It must be a great season.