STD, Cardiomyopathy and Wilt Chamberlain

He was the biggest basketball player and possibly the greatest athlete he'd ever lived. It seemed that the 63-year-old Wilt Chamberlain died of a heart attack, but he did not say anything. Should you ask why the world's greatest athlete dies of my heart attack?

He was born in Philadelphia in 1936. He was 6 to 11 when he entered Philadelphia's Overbrook High School, led three public school championships and two town names. Chamberlain was one of the most recruited players with over 200 colleges interested in over 100 points in a National Basketball Association game and averaging over 30 points for a whole career in a game. However, when he was in high school, he was the United States' best high school quarter and ran in 48 seconds. He also jumped great as 6 feet, five inches, and the best shot putter in Pennsylvania. Even after the NBA career, he was active and was an outstanding volleyball player. He ran on the Honolulu Marathon and competed in a 50-mile race in Canada.

His career ended, Chamberlain wrote in his autobiography that he had sex with 20,000 women. Let's see how good you are to diagnose the disease. Chamberlain's health became questionable in the 1960s when a former coach told the news media that the star was a heart attack before the 1964 season. But Chamberlain denied it. In 1992, when Chamberlain's 1971-72 NBA Championship celebrated his half-time celebration with his former teammates, he had to leave early because it was difficult to breathe. He went to hospital and found that he was an irregular heartbeat. Three days later in the hospital, the heart monitor was observed. In his last years, cardiomyopathy was diagnosed, meaning his heart was too weak to pump blood through his body and lost 50 pounds before his death. My weak heart muscle has three causes. Nutrition, blocked arteries and lack of infection.

You have to suffer from a lack of food such as beriberi due to lack of vitamin thiamin or pellagra due to the lack of niacin. This is almost impossible in North America today. The second possible cause of heart failure was blocked arteries caused by arteriosclerosis and did not have high cholesterol levels and no arteriosclerosis. The third possibility is a heart infection caused by bacteria such as chlamydia and mycoplasma. The fact that he lost 50 pounds and was unable to go anywhere in his last months of life is a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy that is associated with chlamydia or mycoplasma infection caused the love to be significantly less than the 20,000 women he claimed. This is the world's largest athlete, the most productive lover of all time, with 500 women or 40 different a year every 10 women a week. Cardiomyopathy is often caused by chlamydia.

Chamberlain's body was cremated so we will never know how it died.

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