Spud Webb – The Mighty Spud Webb and the Vertical Jump

Spud Webb – how many people do you remember? He was one of the shortest players in the NBA, only 5'7 ", but won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1986. It was an incredible 42" vertical.

only training.

What training do you need? This is called plyometrics. Basketball players, volleyball players, athletics and so on, all of these athletes use any level, using a plyometrics. What is that? It's just a series of exercises designed to blow up the force of the leg.

A good start is jogging and rope skipping. Do it three times a week. You have to jog 30 minutes a week and leave for 30 minutes.

The jumping rope creates and develops coordinates with the strength of the leg, which helps to improve the foot. Some people do not like to miss it because they do not seem masculine. But let's not forget that skipping is a key part of all training sessions in the boxing gang.

Those days when you do not run, you have to be in the gym, working on squares and calves. These muscles integrate their vertical development. Squatting and skull elevations are good practices. Remember to slowly increase your body weight

Always pick up the days of running with heavy workout days. It's also a good day to take a day off during the day to let your body build up and relax. Work with your coach or coach or just one partner to motivate yourself and prepare for progress.

With some practice and training, you can be vertical as well as Spud Webb!