Sports and hobbies in France

Sports is a popular pastime in France where football, judo, tennis and basketball are in the sport. France also includes racing competitions, the bicycle race also felt the world of tennis and martial arts.

Popular Sports

The most popular sports is football, but the French know the speed and the hardness of tennis and football and bicycle competitions, the grace and precision of tennis and football, and the League and the Union with two rugby styles offered hard and helmet.

Bicycle Race – Grands Tours France is famous around the world as the oldest and most prestigious. One of them is the Tour de France's most famous bicycle event in the world.

Motorcycle Contest – The hard and in-car sports hard drive compete for both the driver and the car's limitations at 24-hour Le Mans. The competition is considered the most famous champion of Sarthe Speedway.

Tennis Contests – Grand Slam tennis tournaments are spectacular on the French lawn. One of the four Grand Slam races known as the French Open is the Paris Master.

Olympic Games – The French Olympics Pierre de Coubertin, the inventor of the modern Olympic Games, at the end of the 19th century, has been enthusiastic about reviving the games. The Games of the First Games went to Greece as an appropriate gesture on the land where the games were born. France received the second game in 1900 and became the first home of the International Olympic Committee. Since then, France has organized 4 Olympic Games, one in 1924 in Paris and 3 in Winter Olympics in 1924 (Chamonix); Another 1968 (Greoble) and the Third 1992 (Albertville)

Soccer – This is a favorite sport in French sports where teammates give blue shirt and tri-color shorts to their patriotism during matches. The national football team gained great success and popularity in the XXI. In the 20th Century, he won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, the second in the same series in 2006 and 2 in the European Championships in 1984 and 2000. Ligue 1 is the country's highest national competition.

Rugby Union – This is another popular sport, which is a tremendous track record especially in Paris and southwestern France. The national rugby team won an impressive victory over the Six Nations championships of 16. He participated in all Rugby World Cups; He reached the semi-finals 6 times and finalized in the 3 World Rugby Championships.

Rugby League – The crowds of spectators in the world admire this rugby football variance. The locations are mainly found in the cities of Perpignan and Toulouse. The highest league for the European competition in the Super League, but for local professional competitions, the Elite One Championship is the championship to be followed.

Basketball – Basketball has been strongly occupied by French athletes and over the last twenty years the country has created elite world-class teams. The home team won the FIBA ‚Äč‚ÄčEuro Basket in 2011, which has achieved its performance over the past 60 years. In addition to the game, the site also won 2 Olympic silver medals in 1948 and 2000.

Sailing – One-man and short sailing is a favorite of the French when the oceans of the world are on the Atlantic Ocean's edge and waves. Zenitite sports are embodied in Vendee Globe, a unique ocean challenge in the world. The tiresome journey begins within four years on the French Atlantic coast. To maintain suspension and excitement 3 sailing competitions across the Atlantic – Mini Transat 6.50; the Tour de France Voile and the Route du Rhum.


French people regularly enjoy many hobbies. There are skiing on the high slopes of the Pyrenees and the Alps; The fence is a very popular form of self-restraint that is widely practiced. Another very popular pastime is kite-surfing primarily along the shores of the Mediterranean. Learning theaters, listening to music or playing music and dancing are all popular hobbies. For physical activists in physical defense, the "parkour" version of martial arts from France.

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