Scottie Pippen: versatility personalized

Chicago Bulls once enjoyed the joy of being the greatest player in all time driving them 6 NBA championships. During all the championship matches, Michael Jordan was a trusted ally of Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen is one of the biggest single defenders at all times and many basketball pundits always mention that Jordan could not win anything Scottie on his side. This is, of course, still a highly debatable topic, but now we have to focus on how Scottie Pippen played in the basketball game.

Pippen No. 6 was the fifth in the 1987 NBA Draft of 1987 at the then Seattle Supersonics, now at Oklahoma City Thunder, and his rights were immediately translated into Bulls for Olden Polynice. Pippen was primarily used by Charles Oakley and Brad Sellers as the backdrop, but the next year, Michael Jordan's leader won the small starting point.

Then Pippen and Jordan often played against each other after the practice so that each of them could take advantage of his individual skills. At the turn of the decade, Pippen was one of the first performances and defenders of the NBA. from 1989 to 1990 for two consecutive occasions in the Eastern Conference Finals to assist bulls, but would fall into pistols every year while Pippen suffered migraines in the 1990 Eastern Finals.

Between 1991 and 1993, Pippen Bulls appeared as a premier defensive threat and was also a good correspondent. He helped lead the Bulls from 91 to 93 to the first three peat, and he was assigned to each of the series to retain the best players in the enemy team. The question as to whether Pippen could lead the Bulls without Jordan was a quick response when in 1994, one year after Jordan's first retirement, he helped drive a 55-27 record.

Even without MJ, Pippen has confirmed his status as one of the top superstars in the championship and which a team could build. Those who watched Jordan play together on one of the biggest small games of all time have to really admit that they have seen such a talented athlete.

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