Science of Basketball Shooting – Step-by-step guide for perfect free throws

Are you unhappy with a nearby basketball game because your coach is afraid he may be injured and will not be able to "deliver" the free throw line? Or do you feel you have confiscated from the board when shooting a bad shot? If so, you suffer from Hack-A-Shaq case. Do not worry because you're not alone. Many basketball players, including professional basketball players, are still not familiar with their bases to shoot a bad shot, even if they are "free". As a basketball player, the ability to consistently produce high percentage basketball shots can be the "difference" that will help the team win in the final seconds of a small game. So, are you ready for your free-throw skills to the new heights?

The science of shooting.

The good news is that free throwing shot is almost purely "mechanical" and not complicated. If you stick to the fundamentals and exercise faithfully, consistently and regularly, you will get four out of five free videos without any difficulty. Just follow these simple guidelines:

Place your feet on the irregular line better than the shoulder width.

Control your toes on the finish line.

Keep your body standing.

Hold the ball on the tip of your fingers, three to four inches in length.

The ball can not touch the hand's palm, but should lie on the tip of the finger with its thumb pointing towards the basket.

Fix your eyes at the beginning of the basket.

Your thumbs should be in contact with basketball at the last moment of liberation, so you can shoot.

The whole movement should be smooth and rhythmic. This can be achieved by constant practice and adjusting the muscles of the body to the rhythm of action; before you know it, it will start shooting the free drums perfectly without ever thinking about it.

Psychology plays a major role in shooting basketball shots / free throws. Are you mentally ready?

Trust has a big impact on the bad shot.

If you want to throw away, go up on the irregular line as if there was no doubt as to whether the shot would sink.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a few seconds as you show up in your mind and successfully sink the ball at the bottom of the net.

Then tell yourself, "I dropped this … Nothing but the net!"

Make sure it is right in front of the basket and approximately one inch from the line.

Take your shot as if you were always in the world and as if you were alone in the gym.

Try to relax your muscles during basketball. Hopefully, you have a very good idea of ​​the mechanisms and psychology involved in the free throws. Keep in mind that success from one day to the next needs time; In other words, if you continue to work on it, you can expect to see improvement as a percentage of free throws shot over time. Do not be disappointed if you can not see it immediately improve … Be patient with you and keep it both persistently and firmly. You can do it!