Rudy Gay Dunks or how to increase your vertical jumps

Did you see Rudy Gay, who hugged Louis Scola and Dicken Mutombo? This dunk was not human! Now what's in the summer tournament on Yi Jianlian's face? We all know that the 22-year-old Memphis Grizzly can jump.

But what was the best dunk in your opinion?

"The best dunk I ever played when I was in college and playing UMass and running was probably two points at that time, we did a windmill and then killed them." After that, it happened. – Rudy Gay

What about Gay's first dunk?

"I remember my first dungeon, I was in the seventh grade, it was the AAU and I stole my troops and my team wanted me to get a dunk and set the ball, the ball to my teammate and it was at a fast pace I tried to do the same, but my leg came out and I could not do it, the same game, the next tenure, almost falls. "- Rudy Gay

In fact, the last sentence of the offer remembers the Warmers' performance this year at the NBA Slam Dunk , Gay came out in the first round, Dwight Howard won the competition). Rudy can do better!

If you did not know the 6 & # 39; 9 & # 39; The Small Forward should be 40.5 inches vertical and claiming it is capable of diving on a 12 foot long edge! It's so bad that the NBA did not let up the high level of the Dunk Contest.

Are we talking about a 40+ vertical how to increase your vertical jump?

Everyone knows the calves, the feathers, and the jumpers.

But what about simple squatting?

This is actually one of the most effective tasks to improve the vertical jump! But you are right:

1) Normal squatting situation.
2) Go down to keep your thighs parallel to the ground.
3) Blast the highest possible amount of air.
4) If you land, jump quickly to the parallel squatting position. Hold this position for one second and repeat the number of repeats required.

You can also change this practice: try to jump into the air as you land (8 reps).

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