Retro 14 Jordan Shoes Basketball

Get ready for Air Jordan XIV's return. This holiday season will feature more competitions for this legendary Jordan shoe. This is the same shoe that Michael Jordan wore before leaving the basketball game. As we all know, he has come out in style! Michael dropped 45 points at Utah Jazz when he and Bulls won sixth NBA championship titles. The same game that MJ Byron Russel dropped on his knees and stayed for 5.2 seconds. The dagger embedded in the heart of all jazz enthusiasts would have known the "Last Shot".

The Air Jordan XIV came out in 2005 and will "see the world again" in the coming winter. The first such color range will be Light Graphite / Midnight Navy-Black. The textured gray top is used with navy and black accents. Light graphite is used with high quality nubuck leather top. The intermediate black and dark blue. Shoe with a white sole. This Jordan appeared on Jordan on October 8, at the Jordan retailers. This is just the beginning of the drops that we will see in the coming months. Perhaps the most exciting drop in the XIV. "Last Shot", a shoe that Jordan was wearing in the lethal night of Salt Lake City. This is the most sought after color of legendary Jordan XIV. And this next December you will have a chance to blackmail a couple.

Air Jordan 14 was designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield used Jordan's Ferrari 550M as the inspiration for shoe design. Air Jordan 14 was the first Jordan shoe that uses metal tips. Each of these shoes contained 7 basketballs on the back of the shoe, giving a total of 14. On the back of the Air Jordan 14 there are Roman numerals. In 2005, when Retro appeared for the first time, the 8th colorway of record XIV was thrown away. Do not wait any more at this time. But colorful roads that are released will be enough to satisfy the passionate Jordanhead.

The Jordan XIV Retro, which comes in our way, is really a piece of history. It was the last pair of basketball shoes that Michael wore before leaving the NBA with 6 championship rings.