Reconstructed tennis passion

Last month, the Wimbledon season woke up again for the likes of tennis. In the foresight I felt nostalgic in childhood memories when my father took me to tennis games on Saturday. I learned how to serve well, to make the revolution and to be cool enough for my age. I also remember joining junior tennis tournaments in the community, but after the antecedents it did not even reach the rounds. I think the excitement of tennis ends in watching matches, collecting tennis balls for my dad and collecting them. About one hundred tennis balls in my collection, NBA cards, caught my attention.

So far, I still keep my NBA card collection and I'm still adding more cards when I still find a piece I still do not have. I buy through eBay or via MSN Shopping. But last month, tennis love was played by Maria Sharapova *, Amelie Muaresmo, Venus Williams, Justin Henin-Hardenne, Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi (last in Wimbledon), Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in tennis.

Maria Sharapova (my favorite) lost Amelie Muaresmo in half. Mauresmo then knocked Justin Henin-Hardenne in the finals, winning his first Wimbledon championship. Rafael âRafaâ Nadal was in the semi-finals of Agassi and Bagdhatis fans. But King Clay's spirit does not match Roger Federer's clever moves to win the fifth Wimbledon. Who can defeat Federer's invincibility?

Called Wimbledon Illness, I decided to launch the collection of tennis courts again. This time I'm going to go over the tennis balls (but I still keep them) and I plan to add more things like wrists, racks, game inspired shirts, bags and other clothes. I also plan to buy the shoes of some of the world's shoes when the budget allows me. I'm not sure if I'll take them, but I really want some of the "amazement" shoes kept by champions and runners.

Since the Adidas user has found it easy to find web sites selling the Adidas tennis court since childhood. Yahoo auction websites have to offer a lot, but is still the best place in the shop. I saw there a court jacket that had a good athletic-elegant balance. For just $ 40 in less than a week, I can buy the coat. I could include ClimaLite Mixer Tee for $ 20, a crisp Black $ 18 Galaxy Clima Cap and a $ 8 wrist strap.

In the honor of Nadal and Federer, I immediately ordered four Nike Swoosh Bandanas ($ 8 each) from Some golfer tennis shoes, such as Nadal, are also available, but I can now skip and start the most comfortable collections such as Nike grips and bags and of course Nadal's signature Nike Fall Wreak Havoc sleeveless top. This is the purchase and wearing of the three colors of the mittens, so that the muscles can benefit from the reputation. A Sharapova fan friend would be able to pay a few Dri-Fit Tennis Low-Cut Socks. and other auction sites are a good source for many brands.

I'm not sure how limited my budget can update and update my tennis collection. I will discover additional websites that sell or auction tennis games that offer discounts and prize-based promotions. In fact, you invest more in the legendary Pete Sampras. I've heard that some of his stuff is actually on auction, so one of my most interesting missions is finding a shop or even a web site that sells Pete Sampras collections. I would like to collect Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open posters, pictures and memories. I am more than willing to save a 1970 or 1980 Wimbledon finals.

Well, I think my NBA card must stay in sleep for a while to give me more time to concentrate on my tennis collection. If things go better and more money is on my account, I hope to see Wimbledon next year and experience the grass. I can check for the first time what the stars are wearing and what to collect.