Preliminary basketball training – Select a theme

This winter I set up Jr High basketball team. I am very looking forward to it. We are currently pre-season conditioning and the attendance was great. All student athletes who did not participate in sports in the autumn attended the sessions. As the season gets closer to me, I will develop my overall strategy for this year. I would like to find the right tone to be in the early stages of the players and then to return to the whole season. Some people call this concept as the topic of the season. I like this concept.

Many teams choose a word that needs to be reused for the theme of the year. The coaches make the tees, they say that during the game a time runs out, and the students say they are enough to insist on it. Most often, the subject is something that will bring the program to the next level. I heard a local football coach say that this football season is the number one, that is, they want me to win a game, looking for a little more.

Over the past few years, our college team in the grammar school has fought 500 or more than 500 people. The ratio of injuries and bad calls, the substitute and the bad luck, and the poor quality of those who are not eligible and crazy parents and the list goes on. All schools go through such a period. Ours is now a little longer than most. Our new coach came in and gave us a great topic – Believe it.

As I thought about this topic, I think it's ok for many reasons. The first is that we have until recently lost our ability to believe in winning basketball games. The second is that I can tell about the players' actions and interactions that they do not take the game as seriously as they need to do for basketball. The atmosphere created by the winning team is where players always play the game, pick each other from hard spots, become friends outside the game, play and win in other sports and become lifelong friends. For some reason, our team does not have this university degree. I will change this on Jr High level this year to our children. Hopefully basketball will continue to play with players as they develop their skills further. The theme of Believe will be to believe in yourself and want to carry out the work required for continuous development.

In Jr High we measure your success by how players are evolving over the year. We do not care about winning, though the winner is great as teaching it to play in defense and learning of the right fundamentals. I believe I can do great work for the kids in the coming season.