Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

For years, people have compared Kobe Bryant with big Michael Jordan and obviously have similarities in their play. Both teams have led many national titles, both showing a somewhat whimsical attitude, and both are relatively similar players. There has been a half majority for years that makes Jordan the best trophy. It's a tough place […]

Would you like a vertical jump like Michael Jordan? Let's just look at how high you can jump

Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest player ever to play basketball. So why did you so great? Well, the 48-inch vertical jump was not damaged, and even Michael Jordan's vertical jumps made him a significant advantage to his competitors, easily pulled the rebounds, pulled the shots, and destroyed some strong dunks. I can not promise […]

Adding talent: Michael Jordan vs. Myself

Offering the "Signature Service" The importance of recruiting the natural talents is the face of the restaurant and the process of recruiting employees who passionately serve. "Signature service" is a passionate hospitality. His customer was "Wow, what a fresh air!" He left his facility. In fact, in this ultra competitive industry, the "Signature Service" may […]

Space Jam

Released in 1996 and featured Michael Jordan playing the famous NBA basketball star, Space Jam is a combination of an animated / live animated film featuring Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes cartoons. Published by Warner Brothers Family Entertainment. In addition, Acclaim Entertainment used the subject of the film to make a video game, and […]