Michael Jordan 6 gold ring

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are the two greatest players ever playing in the professional basketball game. As we know, one of them was larger than the other. However, both were great. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are also very good friends. They often play golf together. If you've ever seen Sir Charles & Sweet […]

The Ultimate Jordan DVD Review

Ultimate Jordan is one of the five best-selling DVDs of Michael Jordan's career, including "Come Fly with Me", "Michael Jordan Playground", "Air Time", "Above and Beyond" and "His Airness" There are also some special features such as the biggest games, moves, clutches, aids, and memories – Everyone who ever needed everything to know about the […]

Silver Michael Jordan 6 Rings

What do you think about John Stockton and Karl Malone? Two full-time NBAs are great. Yes. The best pick-and-roll tandem to ever play the game of professional basketball? Yes. Are two superstars in the same team who lose two consecutive years in the NBA Finals? Yes. Unfortunately, NBA players do not always win an NBA […]

Will Michael Jordan ever be?

It seems that every time a new high-performance NBA player comes, people ask the same question. – Is this guy the next Michael Jordan? Everyone wants to see another MJ, and since retiring, we've heard the mantra over and over again. In the 1990s, Harold Miner was the first dunk contest to win. People were […]

How coach Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan use motivation and self improvement to be the best

Motivation is a natural part of human nature. Everyone has the natural way to reach and express ourselves. The interesting thing about human nature, however, is that even though human beings are the highest order of creation in this material world, people can shrink and deliberately self-destruct. Your natural leadership must be supported by self-development […]

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

Who is the better NBA player Kobe Bryant or Micheal Jordan? The question is difficult to answer, as both players did not compete against each other during the game's career. The answer to the opinions can be solved consistently in both ways. Micheal Jordan is the pioneer of the new generation of basketball. Because of […]