Basketball Sizes

NBA basketball sizes are set not only for formal men, women, and junior league matches, but also for informal games for children and young people. These size charts help you choose the right ball for yourself or your children and it is advisable to follow them closely to avoid injury during the game. Basketball is […]

Air Jordan 4 (IV)

1989th The birthday of Air Jordan 4 was born in the middle of the career of Michael Jordan and Bulls. Although he did not come out with the ring that year, he made a shoe that stormed the storm. Air Jordan 4 was again a Tinker Hatfield baby. He has introduced many new design concepts, […]

Space Jam Inspired Shoe

The perfect combination of technique and imagination has led the blockbuster movie Space Jam. Warner Bros. in 1996 produced the movie $ 300 million. The star was led by Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny as he introduced Lola Bunny, the love of Bugs Bunny for the first time. Accused Billy West secured Looney Tunes' sound […]

Cool tips for basketball players

first Shoot, Shoot and Shoot More "The weakest part of Michael (Jordan) was the shot at the attacker's end and he obviously learned something that everyone said would not do … and he's shooting and shooting, shooting and shooting consistently, my weaknesses, and how to have my strengths, and he did it. " -Phil Jackson, […]

Nike Air Jordan Flight

Air Jordan is a Jordanian brand, a division of Nike, produced and approved by Michael Jordan. The first Air Jordans was released in 1984 and since then every year new shoes are created, even though Michael Jordan retired from the professional basketball. The first Air Jordans Air Jordan I was called, and every year the […]