Why is Jordan Shoes coming?

Jordan Shoes is famous all over the world, including the USA, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Everyone likes them, everybody wears them. Why are they famous? Well, one of the biggest basketball icons in the world, Michael Jordan. They represent speed, performance, accuracy and reliability – all that Michael Jordan represents and is […]

LeBron James – King of Cleveland

LeBron James is wearing # 23 as Michael Jordan and Jordan, the hometown of his team in his palm. It's good that LeBron James is nowadays. LeBron has a leading role in the history of Cleveland Cavaliers and is struggling with the first NBA MVP award for Kobe Bryant. LeBron has invented the latest coverage […]

Maximum Maximum Potential – II. Part

In my previous article I determined why NLP's most commonly used method to maximize potential options was not necessarily the best method and promised to introduce another more effective method. I'll start with a good example. I'm sure most of us will have heard about Michael Jordan and his achievements in basketball. He is the […]

Five components of a successful entrepreneur

Definition of "entrepreneur" Dictionary.com is "a person who organizes and manages all businesses, especially business, usually with significant initiatives and risks." When starting your own business, regardless of whether it's a traditional brick and mortar business, franchise or home network marketing opportunity, risk has always been affected. There is no certainty of what the future […]

Understanding creativity and talent

You see yourself creative or talented; or creative and talented? Have you considered whether there is any difference between the creative and the talented? Michael Jordan is creative or talented; or creative and talented? Which chicken or egg did you first come for? Okay, okay, okay enough for questions. The answer is yes. Yes, there […]

Retro 14 Jordan Shoes Basketball

Get ready for Air Jordan XIV's return. This holiday season will feature more competitions for this legendary Jordan shoe. This is the same shoe that Michael Jordan wore before leaving the basketball game. As we all know, he has come out in style! Michael dropped 45 points at Utah Jazz when he and Bulls won […]