I want to "be like Jason"

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls era, the slogan "Be Like Mike" was everywhere and right. Jordan was the biggest player ever wearing a pair of basketball shoes. He took away his god's athletic ability and coupled it with the mere resolve to create a ring dynasty in Chicago. With Windy City, Bulls won eight […]

Air Jordan 1: Shoe History

One shoe was just a shoe once. Of course, athletes were looking for high-performance sports shoes, ladies paid great attention to finding the perfect heel shoes, and the kids were already brands that were partial – but the modest shoes were not special. And it turned out that Air Jordan 1 was born. In 1984, […]

Master of the game: Lebron James

Lebron James was born in 1984. He came to the world in Akron, Ohio, where he cheated on the Chicago Bulls. James was born the same year when Michael Jordan entered the NBA. She played high school basketball at St. Louis. Vincent – St. Mary Grammar School in Akron. Unlike Michael Jordan, who did not […]

LeBron – Top Dunks

LeBron James is simply the greatest dunk of our time. Yes, it's better than Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Richardson, and anyone who wants to compare him. Man is an absolute weird who is 6 feet and 8 centimeters tall in a nasty vertical position, there is really no debate as the greatest dunker of […]

Nike tennis shoes and how to buy wholesale

Nike has always played a leading role in the market for high-profile tennis shoes and has been dominating the market since the 80's by signing high-profile sports stars such as Michael Jordan and recently LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Nike invests heavily in spending nearly $ 500 million a year for these celebrities on sports […]

Custom Jordan shoes for Christmas

If it's difficult to buy teens in the house, Christmas shopping can be annoying. From the gameplay and too many video game phases, you may be upset about what you get for Christmas. Teenagers who love sports, like a pair of Jordan shoes as a gift this holiday season. Athletic teenage boys do not like […]