Vertical jump is not a priority for NBA All-Time Top 50 players

There is no dispute that basic knowledge has steadily increased over the past 25 years. The Michael Jordan era opened up a new unique style of play. Young players focused on different skills instead of shooting, shooting, cutting, transferring, and protecting them. The thorough analysis of NBA All-Time Top 50 players makes a crystal clear […]

Air Jordan's Comfort

Air Jordans has an interesting evolution. They first came to the sporting event in 1985 when the first pair of shoes was made for Air Jordans 1, Michael Jordan. Peter Moore designed them, and these first couples had a lot of publicity. The MBA was not entertained and they said that shoes could not be […]

The best time

If you ask any basketball fan that players are in the highest 5, it's almost certain that two names will not be dropped from the list; Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Over the last five years, it has been argued that "Who is the best player ever to play the game?" While some call it […]

Jordan: Guide for Travelers

Jordan is a country on the African continent, dry and warm climate, and memories of many past. Arriving in Jordan means falling into old age and history. Jordan is one of Africa's most visited countries. The country's well-preserved attractions include ancient towns and historical monuments. Jerash, a town of pillars, is known for its two […]

Jordan King of Basketball Shoes

Epic. The Webster Dictionary specifies that the epic covers the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope. This is quite a good summary of Air Jordan 11. This shoe definitely goes beyond the usual basketball shoes. For measuring shoes in all categories. Quality, design, style, performance and reputation. Air Jordan 11 has fallen into […]

Larry Johnson (LJ) – AKA Grandma Bio – UNLV Runnin Rebel Basketball Star Player

Larry Johnson is known to many people as intimidating basketball players who have launched a competitive Charlotte Hornets NBA franchise as a step forward in the 1990s. Other people know the name best because the hard guy's personality appeared in remarkable shoes advertisements like the alter ego grandmother (Johnson, who is an elderly woman with […]