NBA offers live games online

As the championship extends its television subscription package to the Internet, 40 NBA games will be available live every week However, fans will limit the hometown uniform. In fact, technology is used to prevent access to local toys to maintain television rights. National restrictions on television will not be available online. The NBA League Pass […]

Sport and Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPs) (Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Copyright, etc.) Typically related to industry, typically manufacturing. IP rights grant exclusivity to IP owners for a limited period of time. Sports organizers, however, use IP law to take advantage of the interest in each sport. Sports activities started as a hobby or a pastime event for […]

How to put a fake Air Jordan

The market for counterfeit wallets and clothing styles has grown to athletic shoes and it's cost-conscious and business billions of dollars. According to Stop Fakes, this fake market on the government's consumer information page pays more than $ 2 billion a year to businesses for catch and future criminals. Unfortunately, many people are looking for […]