NBA West – wild, wild, wild

NBA West is as competitive as ever. .600 NBA teams could be in the NBA playoffs before getting in. Some of the world's best players remain in the NBA West, but only one team can blast the NBA title.

NBA West is a huge-sized mountain for all NBA teams that want to go all the way. Whatever NBA teams are raising, they come to the NBA Finals because of blood, sweat and luck. Any NBA West team wins, they must be very healthy. Yao Ming has taken Houston Rockets with the injury.

On paper, more teams look good. The New Orleans Hornets, the Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks are all ready and confused in the NBA playoffs. If the NBA Playoffs taught us, then experience and best players will usually survive the spring game. These three teams have yet to prove that the winds resist heat.

For me this will be the big three, the real big three, the NBA West. The Los Angeles Lakers welcomed and were very rigorous this season. By adding Kobe Bryant's first NBA MVP award, Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers is approaching the top of NBA West. Phil Jackson mastery worked on the lead while controlling the egos and players bought the system. All they did was win and win.

San Antonio Spurs are defensive champions. Just like the Indianapolis Colts who have led a championship in the NFL, we do everything we can to do business, factory and win. Tim Duncan again has a package that tries to repeat on a dynamic, dynamic track for the first time.

Tony Parker will have full strength when the San Antonio Spurs started making a serious run at the NBA title. Greg Popovich, as usual, is also doing a great job at San Antonio Spurs. He is the most underrated, undervalued coach in all sports and will be in the salon one day.

Phoenix Suns, next to Shaquille O & # 39; Neal, is the best record for NBA West. Each NBA game is critical because a loss can relocate a team to more standing places. A Shaquille O & # 39; Neal was replaced by the most exciting move in the NBA season, as Phoenix Suns did everything and put all the chips in the middle of the table with the hope of winning NBA titles like Shaquille O & Neal helped Miami Heat and Pat Riley in Miami.

The Phoenix Suns are old and they have the potential. Steve Nash, Grant Hill and O & # 39; Neal is in the twilight of their career and this is the last match for everyone, maybe this and 1-2 years in the NBA championship. Shaquille O "Neal will need to remain healthy and will be able to give Suns 25 minutes per minute in the game, possibly with Tim Duncan and the others.

A presence similar to Shaquille O & # 39; to have Amare Stoudemire, Nash and company come in contact. Is there enough time? Probably assuming Shaq's health.

It is now apparent that San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers are the best shot in the NBA West If another team from NBA West passes the NBA Western Conference finals, I'm surprised I have to go to San Antonio Spurs in November to break NBA West and beat Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, 6 hard games