NBA – Warriors suspended Ellis 30 games

The star of the 22-year-old Monta Ellis Golden State Warrior will be suspended for at least 30 games of the NBA after having offended his $ 66 million extended, profitable contract, causing a slow scooter accident and injuring cruelly to his left ankle.

On 27 August, Ellis was injured, and surgery was required on 27 August and was subsequently informed of his suspension. Ellis lied to Warriors' CEO Chris Mullin, claiming he was injured in the Mississippi hometown pick-up game, but later found out he was injured in a moped accident.

With these statements, the Warriors franchise decided that after lying and then breaching the contract, detailing in paragraph 12 that a player can not be considered "in any activity recognized by a reasonable person, the risk of bodily injury, including "driving a motorcycle, a motorcycle or a motorcycle", Ellis is suspended for a total of 30 games

The suspension of 30 games immediately follows the pre-season games and the game before the normal season on December 17. Ellis does not pay for at least three months, $ 100 worth of losses, it only pays a small amount, but your rehabilitation time and the fact that you can not play 30 games will be costly to Ellis

Even if Elliset did not suspend the same amount of games will miss the injury due to at least 2-3 The suspension is more than a punishment, money that you do not get for leasing and violating the rules of the contract. But Ellis did not have any luck at all that the Warriors had not withdrawn his contract.

On the other hand, the decision of the Warriors leaders will have consequences as Don Nelson's trainer is looking for another point defender for Ellis's absence. Some players claimed that they would hurt the team's expectations, but they know that there are good players in the queue to get the job done. Nevertheless, everyone knows that Ellis was the leader of the team this season as he was the team's top scorer, averaging 20.2 per game last season. Now Don Nelson has two players to catch Ellis with these games, DeMarcus Nelson and Dan Dickau.

In this whole situation we hope the Warriors will find themselves in a great season and that DeMarcus Nelson and Dan Dickau will seize this opportunity to give them. On the other hand, we hope Monta Ellis learns the lesson and becomes a more mature young man because he has a very talented and great future in the NBA world. In any case, the fans of the fighters are waiting for an exciting season with new arrivals and even Ellis's side.

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