NBA trade policy – stupid, stupid, stupid!

Over the past 3 or 4 years, there have been some major deals that moved the NBA pot and made things a bit more exciting. But that was only a few. Shaq Heat went in, Iverson went to the Nuggets and Garnett went to Celtics. Not just in Miami, Denver, and Boston, but in their pocketbook they got a huge boost, as incoming stars attracted more fans to the arenas. So, if there are so many ups and downs, why not occur more often? The answer? The NBA has a ridiculous trade policy.

Unlike other sports, where the team can simply select the contract of the opposing team players, the NBA's commercial policy makes things a bit harder. For example, when Iverson went to the Nuggets, he went there beside Ivan McFarlin. In return, the 76s have been awarded Andre Miller, Joe Smith and 2 future fencers. Do you think the Nuggets necessarily interested Ivan McFarlin at the beginning of trade talks? No way! So why was he in it? Because NBA's trade policy is to pay for traders. That's why Kevin Garnett has switched to six Celtics players – Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Sebastia Telfair and a 2009 Pick Pick. It was Boston's half. Now that LA Lakers tries to trade with Kobe Bryant, a player whose salary is the same as the GDP of many small countries will be disappointed. The Lakers wanted to replace the Bulls, but both teams have to agree whether the players in the talents and salaries are equivalent, is a very difficult process. I bet that if Bulls have the chance to pay Kobe straight cash, they will be on a heartbeat. However, they do not know. So at least until now Kobe Laker remains.

In my opinion, the NBA needs to change its rules. Appropriate payments are just ridiculous. If a team or player wants to trade, they must do as little as possible. However, this is not the case yet. Consequently, NBA fans will see less and less discouraging superstars in the future if things do not change.