NBA season preview: everything from LeBron

As the NBA returns to a competitive action, fans will be happy to see basketball heroes return to court and compete against the brilliant world that only one NBA tournament can bring. Although LeBron James and Miami Heat are following the controversial NBA titles, the indisputable kings of basketball, with a series of return stars, the three peat is a very difficult proposal. Here are the 5 NBA teams to watch in the coming season:

1. Chicago Bulls – Fans have long expected Derrick Rose's return for months. As it reached its peak in 2012, Rose has decided its ACL and has not worked since. Nevertheless, the Rose-less Bulls succeeded in the NBA playoffs last season and won a series before the historic champions Heat had discontinued. All eyes will return to Rose. The game is simply incredible and you can get the games. With a team that is proven to be absent, Bulls can catch anyone, including LeBron James.

2nd Oklahoma City Thunder – Having won the Summit of the Western Conference last year, Thunder's hopes were derailed when Russell Westbrook was injured in the playoffs. Kevin Durant Superstar could not do it all alone, and it was really shame. Westbro has to get back, this team must be fighting again. They have to win many games, and hopefully they will have a serious run for the title. Keep in mind Westbrook and Durant are still only 24 and 25. They may be even better!

3rd Houston Rockets – Dwight Howard in the mix, this team can be a dynamic force in the NBA. James Harden and Jeremy Lin alliance with Rockets may be the surprise team in the championship. They had a great 3-point shot, but now with a strong force in the middle, their insults will be dominant! Howard will hardly learn Los Angeles Lakers' flask last season and have a chip and a more diligent team-driven effort on his shoulder. It's a great opportunity for Houston and if we meet at the Lakers in the playoffs we might be in a terrible way.

4th Los Angeles Lakers – Team Hopes of Kobe Bryant will be able to return from injury. With the support of veteran players, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, Lakers can defeat anyone as long as Kobe is healthy and productive. This team started to struggle while trying to get her back, but I guess things will take the season later. The previous season was built on the hope of the title but ended with a catastrophe. I think this experience brings the team and leads to greatness. There is an address in the future, I still doubt it.

5th Miami Heat – The ruling kings of the NBA have every reason to assume they will win again. We all know LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade about how big they are and how they love each other and are genuinely old. But this is the way for competitive sports. As long as someone does not beat this team, they will all smile and be happy to go to another tournament. But if there is a reason for hope: every major racer suffered a terrible injury last season, which ruined the season; Kobe in Los Angeles, Westbrook's Thunder, and Rose's lack of any season in the Bulls. The Heat was light last year and can be content from simple marching to the title. If another big team can avoid heat injury for the next year, it can really be a challenge for the NBA title. Until then, make sure you look at Heat this year, because professional basketball is certainly the most beautiful!