NBA, Referee, FBI, The Mob?

These are four words that do not belong to each other – especially not in the headline. Then we continue to increase the Sopranos jewelery, add the point shave, the referees receive the games that are officially organized and criticize their mob books. All of us in the past few years have experienced more problems with NBA seasons than just a star in the records back and forth.

Visit the NBA game has created the opportunity to see the basketball competition as the best – we thought. Now it seems that the outcome of many games did not depend on the talent and play of the players but on the needs of gamblers and mob managers.

Sports fans attack WWF's wrestling wrestling matches and predetermined results. Professionals after a professional wrestling – at least the least – know what they are paying for and do not involve the organized crime fund. No one will accept the outcome of a professional wrestling match, unless there were complete morons. Now it looks like the same thing can be said about professional basketball.

David Stern, NBA Commissioner, has a very profitable result. This will help in the coming days as the NBA struggles with the unleashed python of organized crime.

Stern was inclined to invest a team in Las Vegas for gambling fears. Creating a team in Las Vegas can be one of the most important ways for the NBA. As the Nevada Game Committee points out that they have legal means to supervise unusual activity between line movement and behavior.

This story will continue for many months. In the latest news here

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