NBA Point Spread Handicapping season preview

Well, the 2007-2008 NBA season is almost over and our professional NBA handicaps ultimately bring our dozens of winning handicapping gaming scenes and trends. We have been in the tenth year of choosing and analyzing a winning NBA, which allowed us to collect the cumulative winnings percentage over a 60 percent period. Every day of the season we analyze all the games included in the schedule and offer 3 BEST BETS / STRONG PLAYS games daily to our paid customers. We also want to offer free NBA pickets to the sun. Most subscribers register the season pack, where we send them each day for regular regular season and playoff. It comes from centuries to the year at a very favorable price.

One of the trends we love to offer as a bonus is the underdeveloped scenario in the home. This is a very big money-making situation and that's how it goes. Domestic underpasses or, in other words, teams in domestic courts tend to be strong bets for several reasons. The primary reason is that the teams find it very insulting that they do not consider it worthy of their favorite role at home. They are angry and play a very tough game to "show the odd ones" to be more respected and not to be considered the weaker team in their home country. They then come out and play well, and more often than not, to crack coverage. This trend has been about 61 percent successful over the ten year period we have done so far and we are re-integrating the wasted games at home that will be money makers.

Of course, every trend has deficiencies, and we do not select any games that fall into this category. We look for other metrics and lectures that will further consolidate what is the best choice. We will follow this trend and much, much more by season, and we look forward to the success of the tenth year. Good luck.