NBA Playoffs 2011

2011th April, the month the NBA play starts. There were a lot of rumors before this year's season started. With next season's season, which was a threatening short-throw, this year was a very fun season. Starting with LeBron James, the 1 hour special "The Decision", so the Miami Heat three great, the San Antonio Spurs are a powerful demonstrator for the bat, there was a lot of drama and dazzling news in the regular season. [19659002] Yao Ming was again injured after returning a handball game. The Dallas Mavericks competed in the race until the injuries slowed down. Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers defensive champions were up and down. But perhaps the biggest turning point is the Chicago Bulls' reappearance.

For decades, Windy City has tasted the NBA championship title (1996-1997 Michael Jordan's age). With Derrick Rose coming out with a full player (with the best chance of winning this year's MVP prize), Chicago Bulls was able to defeat individual teams at least once this season. Despite having long been forced to playoff their place, they did not slow down the last game of the season before the NBA playoff, so we achieved all the record of the NBA; the place that San Antonio Spurs has been doing almost all season. They now enjoy home benefits throughout the playoffs.

Let's look at the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs:

The West Conference with the following Playoff Matches [19659002] (2) vs New Orleans Hornets (7)

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Orlando Magic ] (4) vs Atlanta Hawks (5)

In fact, someone guesses who wins everything. Of course, you are a favorite of this year's NBA playoffs. Probably the most beloved team to win the league at Los Angeles Lakers defensive. Compared to last year, they were kept intact with a few steps. The San Antonio Spurs also look good as one of the two teams to achieve this year's 60 wins. The Chicago Bulls are also participating in the Championship's best record this year. This year, Miami Heat, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch had a promising dynasty. Although they traded in Kendrick Perkins with their defensive anchor, they are still popular this year.

After every turn and turn in the regular season, someone thinks who wins the big deal in this year's NBA playoffs. Still in the rebuilt New York Knicks, a strong team at Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic is still Dwight Howard and the deadly 3-point record. Basically it's anyone's ball game.

So be the NBA playoffs!