NBA offers live games online

As the championship extends its television subscription package to the Internet, 40 NBA games will be available live every week However, fans will limit the hometown uniform. In fact, technology is used to prevent access to local toys to maintain television rights. National restrictions on television will not be available online.

The NBA League Pass packs $ 179 for subscribers to provide regular, seasonal, web and cable or satellite coverage. However, fans can only sign up via a fixed line or satellite service provider and the broadband service is not available separately. In addition, the tournament offers free ad support services that offer fans favorite games, news conferences, interviews and other coverage.

The package will only be available in the United States. In fact, another separate service is currently being marketed in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Nearly 90 regular seasons and playoff games will be available and most of them live. The games will also have commentary in Mandarin.

NBA misses online service. Baseball has been selling online live gaming packages for years, including similar limitation technologies to maintain profitable television transactions. Last month, the NFL launched a service on Yahoo! Inc. to show live games on computers outside North America. College sports are also online.

But NBA will use different technologies like NFL and MLB. As NBA sells games via cable and satellite providers, the tournament blocks gaming depending on the player, while Baseball and football use technologies that can control a site by checking a computer on a computer. This means that a New York fan will have to block the Knicks and Nets game even when traveling to Los Angeles.