NBA – Miami Heat and Raptors were replacing players

30-year-old Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks came from Miami Heat to Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O & Neal and Jamario Moon; because according to different aspects each team is looking for a refreshing change. On the one hand, robbers need more consistency in prosperity and defense and consolidate the little foresight while Miami is looking for a stronger front line. There, before the new players could only be the solution for both groups: Neal, the top shot blocker, began controlling the paint in Miami; since Marion has to be a good ingredient for the Raptors & # 39; opens up a small forward-looking position for the other players through the big shot and rebound.

Currently, Shawn Marion plays 12 points on average and 8.7 rebounds (RPGs) at Miami Heats. While Jermaine O "Neal, even with more than one game, was injured by an average of 13.5 PPGs and 7 RPGs, and the Banks and the Moon helped their teams. The Moon made strong progress in 54 games in the first leg 7 , 3 points and 4.6 rebounds in the US NBA, while Marcus Banks, despite being unable to play so far, has 2.6 points and 0.90 RPGs in 16 games in 2008/09. According to some NBA sources, the transaction also raised Toronto's other conditional plan drafts that were sent to Miami for some kind of cash compensation. This trade saved both franchisees for money that is expected to be used to buy new players in the following season

Shawn Marion he will be a free agent when he finishes Raptors, although director of Toronto Bryan Colangelo, who first started Marion at Phoenix Su in his early years, he tries to sign Marion again for the next campaign, which earned about $ 17,810,000. In contrast, O & # 39; Neal may decide to pay less in Miami for a chance to compete around a Wade and another prospective star-free agent. Neal will earn $ 23 million in 2009.

In addition, with the addition of Shawn Marion, Raptors can better take advantage of Andrea Bargnani, who fell between 50 and 50 and has maintained this period; Chris Bosh can also increase his job in low position to make better use of his talent. Marion, Barganani, and Bosh make the balance and subtle rotation for the team.

On the other hand – as mentioned earlier – Neal and Moon assist in painting and Heat's forward-looking position in solving the problems that have occurred in the season.

Analysts believe the deal is a win-win situation for both factions, as these weaknesses are strong with the four great players. Now we all want the best players and their new teams in the remaining 2008/09 season.

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