NBA Foote Notes: TNT Double Header

Denver in Philadelphia runs high 7th in the first TNT double header season. The Nuggets will now start a two-player winning series, both SU and ATS. Returning, we find that DEN 7-3 is both SU and ATS in the last ten games.

This last stage further improved George Karl's 33-28 SU and 30-31 ATS as well as 13-16 SU and 14-15 ATS on the track. Please note that your team is only 11-14 ATS vs East, but 10-6 ATS at a competitive price (+3 – -3).

Philadelphia is on their part coming to a loss of 104-101 in Boston as a favorite of a two-point road. This was the 76ers second straight loss (both SU and ATS) and reduced them to 30-30 SU and 28-31-1 ATS. After the middle age, the Sixers play two games behind New Jersey over the Atlantic (Denver is three games in Utah in the Northwest Division).

We must also note that Philly is at Wachovia Center between 19 and 12 and is 16-14-1 ATS. This is a 9-7 ATS signal when you receive teams with a winning team and 4-3 ATS at your home. They are also a rock solid 15-9 ATS conference before, but a catastrophic 7-13 ATS at competitive price games. These teams have met this time when Philadelphia reached the 108-106-point 4-point dog in Mile High.

The TNT's double dive night cap includes the Spurs and Sun's fantastic Western conference in the desert. San Antonio 98-85 defeats Clippers, which ran 7-0 SU and 6-1 ATS. These results are made by the Spurs of 47-13 SU and 29-30-1 ATS, as well as 21-10 SU and 13-17-1 ATS by Alamo.

We also know that SA 5-10 ATS is tense when it comes to teams with winning records but only 2-1 ATS this season only in three games. In case you are curious, you can also check for a slightly flexible 7 to 5 ATS after a loss this year.

Days in the meantime run on a brand-new 11-0 SU and 7-4 ATS in this game. Before we go, we have to mention a huge warning for tonight's game – Steve Nash is the decision of the game because of the ankle injury.

In any case, the latest run has improved Phoenix for 42-17 years and solid 34-25 ATSs during the year. It should also be noted that PHO 24-8 SU and 16-16 ATS are in the US Airways arena. If they continue to break their own mark, they will be logged on to Sunok 8.3 ATS when a visitor has a winning record.

We also have to note that PHO is an incredible 8-1 ATS as a favorite of -3.5 or less! They are also 2-0 ATS vs. Spurs this year (1-1 SU) for a meeting at each team's venue. But today is the harbor challenge against defending champions, especially if they do not have a dominant MVP.

This is right now. Good luck with bets!