NBA Eastern Conf. Preview of the central section

The central division of the NBA's Oriental Conference with the gun, pebbles, bulls and pacers is the most difficult division of basketball. Pistons lose Ben Wallace, things will be even narrower this season at Central, but it seems that Detroit is still enough to get another middle class title.

Detroit Pistons: The pistols lose the Big Ben, 4 All-Star caliber players (Billups, Hamilton, Wallace and Prince) and Nazr Mohammed, who have several attacking positions in the middle. I'm not saying that Ben Wallace's loss does not move Cavs, Bulls and Pacers closer to the Central Powers because that's the way it is. But let us not forget that these guys know how to play. I like Tayshaun Price to have a prominent year, and that Pistons again occupy the central location.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Cavs has become better every year since Lebron joined his franchise, but he is not quite ready for the Piston. Many experts say the Cavs will be even better with a healthy Larry Hughes, but perhaps his absence was the cause of Cleveland's success. He is a good defensive player, but his traffic is prone to the crime. Cavs would be much more useful with a clean shooter who played at the two venues. Lebron will be the best player in the league but will only be short in the Middle.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls get Big Ben, who is just a stronger version of Tyson Chandler, a great athletic defender and booster who can not score. The Bulls will be the best defensive units in the league and in good depth at the Nocioni and the Duhan , as well as the newcomers Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefolosha come out of the bench, but what is really needed is a numbering option to bring them back to their final positions, they will be stoned but they will not go far

Indiana Pacers: Indiana has not yet winning the episode from Ron Artest, or to say episodes. Although O & # 39; Neal, Jackson, Tinsley, and Al Harrington are well-versed enough to challenge the middle title, but I can not see them better than the third or Fourth, we can expect Tinsley and O & # 39; Neal to miss the injuries again this season. Playoff is seven or eight, but it is so far away.

Milwaukee Bucks: Bucks is a decent basketball team and is likely to be second in the Atlantic Division but play in the heaviest part of the NBA. Milwaukee loses the pace without T.J. Ford, but waiting for an even better season than Michael Redd. Andrew Bogut is the future of Bucks. He will not be willing to start the opening day and will not be ready for the season in the championship. Bucks finds the basement.