NBA – Defending Champion Celtics wins its eighth consecutive game

NBA's current champions, the Boston Celtics, have been victorious in eight seasons when Charlotte Bobcats was beaten on Saturday in a 89-84 match. The actual record for this prize is 16-2 and the head of the Eastern Conference. Currently, Celtics has a 7-1 record for remote games and 9-1 for home games, which is a great result for the team this season. This winning streak is the longest in last season, when in February and March 2008 it had 10 consecutive wins.

It should be noted that the game was very close from start to finish. The Bobcats consistently started the first half with eight points. However, Bobcats changed too much traffic from which the Celtics took advantage of and came back. At the end of the third quarter, Celtics scored 7 points. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Celtics were only 66-62, but Charlotte had twice struggled to return. However, Pierce and Perkins gave 81-77 to Celtics, but Charlotte Gerald Wallace again scored 81-80 and left only 1:27. However, even with the effort of Charlottó, the Celtics were very clever at the end of the game as they played in the final seconds of the game and obviously some of the Bobcats players could not stop Garnett and the company. 19659002] Coach Rivers is very pleased with its players and some games. Celtics 'Big Three' play was spectacular, especially Paul Pierce, who scored 19 points. On the other hand, six Celtics players were double, Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins 15 points, Tony Allen scored 11, Eddie House and Garnett 10 points. In the case of Bobcats, the best drivers were Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson with 23 and 22 points.

Furthermore, we must mention that the Celtics did not shoot as consistently as ever; 43.8% were fired from the field and 14.3% from the three-point line, which is really low for such great shooters. On the other hand, Bobcats shot 47.8% of the field and 38.5% of the three points. Nevertheless, the difference between the two teams was Charlotte 21, compared with Celtics 13 and Celtics 46 points in contrast to Charlotte 30 points.

Bobcats coach Larry Brown expresses that his team did everything they did in defense and played very well, though errors made little mistakes. "We were well protected until the end (but) we passed 22 rounds in the first half … Everyone played hard and tried, but you have to be perfect against the caliber team." Coach Brown

Now Celtics is preparing to keep winning streaks, they will play against Orlando Magic tonight at home. Coach Rivers is hoping for another victory and will love the player's consistency. Orlando for his part is winning over the Pacers and likes to win the winning five games.