Michael Jordan's addiction

It's a wonderful job. Inspiring, engaging, interesting, exploratory; pain, tears, love, and joy of redemption.

The poems in the book highlight a previous drug-related struggle, while remaining after drugs after rehabilitation. Reading these verses experiences upward and downward experiences (one step ahead and two steps backwards) as they fall back; the writer's deep pain and suffering at this critical moment in his life.

The author reminds us of the pain and anguish that he had caused by his unfortunate situation with his family. He is dignitously confronted with his addiction, as he warns us that man has to face the consequences of his actions. In other words, you always have to count on the calculation you will face later.

Everyone needs to be readable and must provide excellent support to those who deal with addiction and challenges that are being addressed during and after recovery. The author seems to have reached the level of spiritual awakening. The whole book is paying tribute to his wife, Antoinette, for his persistent love and support. He also gives respect to his children and friends who are imprisoned and temporarily released from jail and prison in Satan.

Through the struggle of the writer, he sees God's work in the work.

These verses suggest that no one has lost their cause. Hope for everyone who finds himself in similar situations.

Here we see the power of love in work. Michael takes the decision to self-esteem to strive for a straight and narrow path to salvation, and also tells us how important it is to love and nurture the people around us, especially for the people closest to us.